• 12-Piece Classic System

Ulti-MATE Garage PRO 12-Piece Classic System

MSRP: $5475.00
Our Price: $3899.00
YOUR Savings: $1576.00

Ulti-MATE Garage PRO offers custom shop cabinet features, contemporary design and industrial strength to meet needs of the most discerning customer.

Ulti-MATE Garage PRO 12-piece system offers 30-feet (27' as pictured) of our most popular cabinet configuration ordered!

This mega system offers infinite design options to meet your design needs, including the best mix of cabinets:

1-One Door 24" Base Cabinet
One Door 24
Three Drawer 24" Base Cabinet
Three Drawer 24

4-Two Door Tall Cabinet

Two Door Tall Cabinet
Two Door 36" Cabinet
Two Door Tall 36

3-Two Door 24" Wall Cabinet
Two Door 24

1-Three Door Wall Cabinet
Three Door Wall Cabinet

1-One 6' Worktop Bench Surface


Full radius cabinet profile for refined styling

Garage Cabinet Corners

Oversized Brushed Chrome styled cabinet handles

Garage Cabinet Handle

6" adjustable feet for uneven surfaces

Garage Cabinet Legs

Other features include:

  • unique Polyurethane coated cabinet
  • fronts in a Silver
  • strong 3/4" cabinet construction
  • adjustable 1" thick shelf with 200 lb industrial load rating
  • fully adjustable recessed Euro hinges
  • 1" thick integrated recessed Grey worktop surface
  • 100-year old first class manufacturer and much more.

Product Dimensions: 354.55" W x 82.8" H x 21" D

Assembly required.

12-Piece Classic System

  • $3,899.00

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