Garage Flooring That Will Transform Any Space by Better Life Technology

Are you looking to transform your cracked and stained garage floor into a showroom? If so, look no further than Better Life Technology’s roll-out floor protector.

These unique mats help prevent floor damage and reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your home. They are simple to install, leaving your garage looking like new.

Before installing these mats, be sure the garage is swept clean of any debris. If there are any grease or oil stains on the flooring, be sure they are wiped up before unrolling the mats. We chose the black diamond tread, which came in two rolls for each garage space. There are a variety of surface options available, including rib/channel, coin, smooth levant and diamond tread.

Simply start unrolling the mats at the garage entrance and end at the rear of the bay. If you find there are some curl marks, just take a broom and roll over to push the air out. What makes this flooring so appealing is its ability to be easily cut into the exact size and shape to perfectly fit any garage interior. Trimming the product is very simple. The most important thing to consider before cutting the mat is to be sure the product is entirely laid out flat to avoid an uneven cut.

The flooring is easy to clean and impervious to oil and other fluids that leak from our cars. Just mix a solution of soap and water and wash the flooring either inside or outside of the garage. While some people prefer to take the mats out of the garage in the warmer weather, it’s just as easy to keep them inside and use a normal household mop.

Most people have come to prefer the G-Floor over coating systems due to its ease of installation and durability. It is also preferred over snap together systems because of cost and unlike the alternatives, it can prevent water and dirt from migrating all over the garage.

G-Floor was developed by Brett Sneed, chief executive officer and co-founder of Better Life Technology. “Good floor covering improves the look, shields the floor, and increases the value of any room it is in,” he said. “Just roll it out and trim the edges; what could be simpler than that.” The flooring came as a result of his search for a better solution to cover his garage floor and keep from tracking dirt and liquids from his garage into the house. He wanted a product that could transform the look, be easily put down and cover the garage floor in seconds. He was also looking for something simple to install, looks great and would last for years.

After finding nothing that met his needs, Sneed and his father developed, manufactured and brought to market a specially formulated 10-foot wide, roll out polyvinyl pad that covered the garage floor in minutes.

Better Life Technology makes many different floor coverings for a variety of applications including trailer floors, kennel liners, motorcycle mats and even an anti-fatigue mat. The RaceDay peel and stick tile offers an easy install and custom fit look while hiding cracks and stains. Each mat also comes with a five-year warranty, which is no wonder the company’s G-Floor product has become the number one selling garage floor protection system in the United States.