New Garage Flooring Products

Garage Floor Info keeps users informed of the latest in garage flooring and we have a new product line to tell you about.  Auto Care Products has many exciting garage flooring products, most popular are the SpeckDeck rolled garage floors and Style Tile garage floor tiles.

Style Tile has created the ultimate combination of form and function. Style Tile interlocking floor tiles are available in a Tire Tread Pattern, a Coin Pattern and a Drain Tile. With Style Tile, the Drain floor tile is vented allowing dirt, water and debris to fall through. The water evaporates and from time to time, you use a shop-vac and clean the dirt right through your garage floor tile! The beauty is, the dirt is hidden and your new garage floor stays clean.

SpeckDeck Rollout Garage Flooring, sometimes called rubber garage floors.  This durable roll out garage flooring transforms your garage into a showroom for your vehicle in just minutes!