Latest Garage Flooring Products

2012 brings us some great garage flooring products.  There are many types of flooring available for 2012 including:

Rolled Garage Flooring
Roll-out flooring is durable, non-slip, often with a lightly textured surface and obviously provides protection for the floor beneath; it is therefore a popular choice not only for garage floors, but also for floors in bathrooms, laundry rooms or any heavy traffic areas where a cushioned, protective floor covering is required.

Peel and Stick Garage Floor Tiles
Peel and Stick Garage Floor Tiles from Better Life Technology come in 2 sizes- 12 inch and 24 inch. These garage tiles are available in 3 common colors including Midnight Black, Slate Grey, and Absolute White.

Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles
Rigid garage floor tiles by RaceDeck®. RaceDeck® garage floor tiles are the leading tile on the market outselling all other manufacturers combined!