Garages: Getting Organized, and Staying Organized

Garages can truly be a pain; not only are they generally dirty, but they become a place where many of us put things that have no other place.  For many of us, our garage is a place of disarray, one that we constantly promise ourselves that we’re going to organize… one day.  However, there are products out there to help those of us with unorganized garages, like those featured on  These products will help everyone from those who have project cars to multiple-car households get organized and stay organized.

The Benefits of a Rolled Garage Floor
Before the benefits of a rolled garage floor are introduced, what exactly is it?  Rolled garage flooring is an easy and relatively inexpensive alternative to redoing a garage floor.  Similar to the concept of carpet, someone who buys a rolled garage floor will roll out the material, generally polyvinyl or rubber, and fit it to their garage by cutting off the excess.

The benefits of such floors are numerous.  First, the floor will make your garage look like new.  Second, cleaning is not only simple but convenient because the floor is portable and made of materials that don’t absorb oil, grease, and dirt stains.  This means no more scrubbing oil stains, or hiring people to strip and repaint your concrete only to have to have the process done again a few years later.  Third, in comparison to concrete floors which are slippery when wet, the rubber and polyvinyl materials provide buyers with the safety of no-slip floors.  Fourth, they’re better for your body because they generally have more padding than concrete; this is especially true for those who constantly spend time working in their garage.  Concrete flooring is terrible for our joints because there is no give; but because rolled garage flooring is padded, it provides our feet, back, and spine joints with much needed cushioning when walking around the garage.  Fifth, these floors protect your concrete floors beneath; which means they will save you money in the long-run on expensive repairs.

Organizational Storage
No one wants their garage to look like the picture on the left.  And let’s face it, that really isn’t that bad; that’s a pretty organized unorganized garage.  There’s nothing like enclosed cabinets to help you get your entire garage’s contents organized.  The benefits of utilizing cabinets are pretty intuitive.  First, they help you not only get organized, but stay organized.  Second, your belonging will be out of sight, so your garage will look neat and you will have more space to do the activities you need to.   Third, they also help you keep your tools and other belongings safe from getting damaged or causing damage; there’s nothing worse than a heavy tool falling on a car.  Fourth, they allow you to store harmful chemicals safe out of the reach of children and pets.  Fifth, many times people have so much clutter in their garage that they cannot even store the very thing their garage was designed to store: Their car!  Garage cabinets allow you to make space to safely store your vehicle.