Garage Door Seals

With the weather cooling down and the snow season beginning in parts of the country, now is the time to check out how energy efficient your home is.  That includes your garage.  Heat is lost from bad seals around windows and doors.  Even your garage can use a little maintenance now and then to keep your it as energy efficient as possible.  Store It Well offers various types of seals for your garage door to keep out wind, rain and snow and keep whatever heat you have in the garage in.

The first seal to look at is the lower seal where the bottom of the garage door meets the floor.  The threshold needs to be sealed up tight or money will be slipping right out that area if you don’t have some kind of weatherstripping.  We offer various garage door threshold seals that will surely fit your door and help keep the cold air out.

Next take a look at the top and side of your garage door.  If this isn’t closed up tight you definitely should consider a garage door top and side seal.

Sealing up your garage doors is an inexpensive and easy project that will improve energy efficiency and add comfort to your garage.