Benefits of Investing in Quality PVC Vinyl Flooring

OSHA requires commercial and industrial businesses to invest in quality flooring to ensure safety. Rather than purchasing new flooring every couple of years because the flooring has worn or torn, invest in a flooring system built to last and protect.

Better Life Technology has developed a commercial and industrial grade vinyl garage floor covering with G-Floor technology. We have three styles to choose from, coin, ribbed and diamond thread patterned. All three roll-out flooring styles are slip resistant, durable against fallen objects, have a sleek, clean appeal and will contain spills from spreading.

For companies that rely on production work and heavy traffic, it is imperative to make sure your floor is nothing but the best for the safety of your employees. Traditional coverings of floor paint and tile can chip away, are difficult to clean and do not provide protection from falls.

Our G-floor technology is unlike competitors in the sense that the vinyl flooring can be customized to fit your square footage, is cost-effective and fire retardant.   Be sure to clean your floor daily to limit the possibility of an accident.

Take advantage of our trusted G-Floor revolutionary technology and give your employees the opportunity to thrive in a safe working environment.