Garage Floor Info and Store It Well Combine

Store It Well is very pleased to announce that we have merged our partner site,, with our main site  You will notice that all the pages and articles are now included under the domain.  We had previously merged our domain as well.

What does this mean to you?  It depends who you are.  If you came to us from or, we welcome you to the site.  Here you will find the best garage floors available at the lowest prices.  Our customer service staff is here to help you every step of the way.  All the products and articles you found on our other sites have all been consolidated here.

If you have come to us directly at, you will continue to see all the best products at the lowest prices available.  Our ever expanding product line is even better than before.  You will notice that with the consolidation of sites, you now have access to even more research and articles than ever before.

By bringing together our 3 sites, we are hoping to improve our customer experience more than ever before.  More products.  More articles.  More research.  All for you here at Store It Well.