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Race Deck PRO Garage Floor Tile – Expensive and Not for Everyday Use

RaceDeck Pro Garage Floor Tiles are not the cheapest garage floor tile there is and it’s not made for everyday use.

RaceDeck Pro Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck Pro Garage Floor Tiles

So what is it used for? The RaceDeck Pro garage floor tiles are used as a showpiece. Use them to display your vintage muscle car, for shops, retail displays, car shows, or anywhere you need a high-tech custom floor. It is a high quality floor with a polished finish for amazing shine and brilliance.

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Parking Pads and Parking Mats

Many people would like to have the look and protection of a garage floor but cost can sometimes be inhibitive.  The perfect solution for these situations would be parking pads, or sometimes called parking mats.  You can find models available for both cars and motorcycles.

Car models are made from the same material as rolled garage flooring.  Strong, tough and great looking.

Race Day Parking Pad

Race Day Parking Pad

The motorcycle parking mats/pads are the same material but even thicker to help withstand kickstand damage.

Motorcycle Garage Floor Mat

Motorcycle Garage Floor Mat

RaceDeck Garage Floors is Officially Named The Preferred Garage Flooring Of The GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association

RaceDeck® Garage Floors announced today that it has officially been named the Preferred Garage Flooring for the GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association, the world’s largest street rod and custom car association.

Salt Lake City, Utah  January 24, 2009 — RaceDeck Garage Floors, the world-wide leader in residential garage flooring systems, announced today that it has officially become the Preferred Garage Flooring for the GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association. The association, which is over 125,000 members strong, is the world’s largest Hot Rod & Custom enthusiast club.

Goodguys offers over 20 annual events across the country from New York to Florida, from San Diego to Seattle and all points in between. The events range from two & three day affairs attended by 30,000 to 80,000 people to three and four day extravaganza’s attracting over 100,000 auto enthusiasts. The events are diverse and cater to many different groups of hot rod, street rod , show car and high performance auto enthusiasts.

“Everyone here at RaceDeck loves the GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association. The people and their cars are what we are all about and we’re proud to be part of such a world class organization,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO of Snap Lock Industries (The manufacturer of RaceDeck).

RaceDeck garage flooring is recognized as the world-wide leader in residential & commercial garage flooring. The introduction of RaceDeck garage floor tiles pioneered the modular garage flooring industry you see today. With RaceDeck being the world’s premier garage flooring manufacturer and GoodGuys’s being the leader in their industry, it was the obvious choice for GoodGuys to name RaceDeck the ‘Preferred Garage Floor’.

The typical RaceDeck customer is an avid hot rod & show car enthusiast who demands only the best when it comes to their passion. Some of these street rods can cost anywhere form $20,000 to $1,000,000 + and they want a show place to park their ride. RaceDeck flooring quickly turns any ordinary garage into a personal world class showroom and ‘The coolest garage on the block™’

“The enthusiasts at GoodGuys build and own some the highest quality rides in the world. You will find that the same American Made quality and pride goes into every RaceDeck floor we sell, that is why we are the #1 choice of the GoodGuys members,” sad Moller.

About Snap Lock Industries – The Manufacturer of RaceDeck:
Snap Lock Industries is the worlds leading manufacturer and distributor of modular flooring. Based in Salt Lake CIty, Utah- Snap Lock manufactures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in their state of the art 100,000 square foot facility. All of Snap Lock Industries products are proudly Made In The USA.

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Do rolled garage floors need to be secured or glued?

One question that is asked quite often is whether or not rolled garage flooring needs to be glued down or whether the seems need to be taped together.  The simple answer is, no.  Rolled garage flooring is designed to simply lay flat on your garage floors with the seems butted together or overlapped, depending on the type of flooring.

There are some instance where installers may want to secure the floor.  According to the manufacturer, basic installation of roll-out flooring does not require adhesives of any kind. However, for special applications and professional installation, many of our customers and vendors have used various types of adhesives. Better Life Technology (BLT) has tested and is now recommending some products for those that would like to take these additional steps.  These products include:

Garage Flooring Seaming Tape

Garage Flooring Seaming Tape

Garage Flooring Oatey® X-15® Bonding Adhesive

Garage Flooring Oatey® X-15® Bonding Adhesive

For more information on rolled garage flooring and garage floor seeming products, please visit

Cheap Garage Flooring

Times are tough, the economy is on the down slide and money is tight.  We are all feeling it one way or the other.  People are losing their jobs and income is down.   For those that haven’t lost their job, there is the fear they may,  People are more cautious about spending money.  Now is the time to look for bargains because everyone in retail is looking to sell.

The same is true in the garage flooring industry.  Pricing are as good as they can be and now is the time to pull the trigger and buy that garage floor you’ve been wanting to get.  Low prices and free shipping are available online at making now the time to make that purchase.  Here are just some of the current deals available.

For only $586 you can get a 9′ x 44′ roll of Levant garage flooring, enough to do many average size garages.  Even better, that comes with FREE SHIPPING!

Levant Garage Rolled Floor

Levant Garage Rolled Floor

Don’t want to do the whole garage?  How about a RaceDay Parking Pad Floor Mat for only $259.99!

RaceDay Parking Pad Mat

RaceDay Parking Pad Mat

Do you perfer the look of a tile floor?  We’ve got you covered there too.  Our RaceDeck garage floor tiles start as low as $3.39 per square foot.

Tile Garage Floor

Tile Garage Floor

The History of Better Life Techology (BLT)

From Dirty Rug & Angry Wife To Innovative Home Improvement Product

The Situation — In the winter of 1998, Brett Sneed walked into his Kansas City home from the garage, tracking winter slush all over his wife’s new white carpeting. Needless to say, she was not pleased. To rectify the situation, Brett spent the next two months searching for some type of garage floor covering—one that would protect the concrete from the dirt, grime, and oil that coats the floor of most garages. He also wanted a product he could easily wash, but came up empty handed.

Brett spent the next 6 months creating the perfect garage floor protection product. The most important objective was to control liquids and debris that fall from vehicles. He designed and patented a unique channeling system that can do just that. In addition, he created a product that is both functional and beautiful. His new product is compatible with acids and alkalis in concrete to last for years without breaking down yet can be installed in just minutes without requiring adhesives.

After his discoveries, he approached his father, Don Sneed, with his creation, and they began to brainstorm. Together, they invented the Parking Pad®—a mat and floor covering made of polyvinyl. The Parking Pad covers a garage floor, trapping dirt and other garage filth, and is slip-resistant. The Sneeds molded grooves into the soft material to channel liquid debris out of the door, controlling the flow and keeping the rest of the garage from getting soaked. The product led to their father-son company—Better Life Technology (BLT.)

The Challenge — The Parking Pad® was a completely new concept in floor coverings. Its predecessor in covering and protecting garage floors was epoxy paint, a method quite different from the inexpensive, easy to install Parking Pad.

“According to manufacturers (of epoxy paint), this labor-intensive process takes consumers 16 days to do properly, and believe me, virtually no one does it right, resulting in the epoxy coming up onto car tires within months,” said Don Sneed, now president of BLT. “Our product lets consumers transform their garage floor into something truly beautiful in minutes, and it will last for years, protecting new floors and making old floors look new.”

Because it hadn’t been done before, the Sneeds faced some doubt from investors and even friends. Once they eventually got the capital to start BLT and began manufacturing the product, they hit another wall: the most popular mat sizes are 8′ x 20′, 9′ x 20′ and 10′ x 22′, much too bulky for most retail floor space. Also, with a slow economy following the attacks on 9-11-2001, new products were increasingly difficult to place with mass retailers.

The Results — The G-Floor® Parking Pad® is inexpensive, starting at around $119, and is positioned as one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve a home. Since 2004, new color and pattern options have been added. G-Floor is now available in a variety of sizes up to 10 feet wide.

Since the first big break, BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring® has become the best selling garage floor protector mat in the world. Also, G-Floor is the only garage floor mat available in sizes up to 10 feet wide. The product has been featured on many home improvement television shows.

Brett and Don Sneed recognized a great product and an innovative concept, and really built this business from one person to a staff of over thirty-five.

To view our Better Life Technology Rolled Garage Flooring products, visit us online at

RaceDeck Introduces The REVolution To The Garage Flooring Industry

RaceDeck® Garage Floors launches a new high-tech garage flooring system named REVolution™

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) October 19, 2008 — Snap Lock Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of the garage flooring brand RaceDeck®, announced today the launch of their newest addition to their extensive product line, appropriately called the REVolution™.

SnapLock Industries pioneered the modular garage flooring industry in the mid 90’s with the product line RaceDeck® . Since that time, the industry has boomed and has become the top choice of most garage flooring options today. Over the years, RaceDeck has introduced dozens of styles and currently offers more choices than all of their competitors combined.

The new REVolution garage flooring was developed for the extreme needs of the commercial garage. “We have been working on the REVolution for sometime. We took everything we learned over the years from our customers & dealers and put it all into this new floor. The REVolution is without a doubt the toughest full-suspension modular flooring system in the industry,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapLock Industries.

The REVolution flooring systems has multiple worldwide patents and patent pending features, from the innovative PowerLock® interlocking system to the unmatched SuperStructure that supports massive rolling loads. Together, they make the strongest and easiest to install modular flooring system. All of SnapLock Industries flooring products are proudly made in the USA.

About SnapLock Industries, Inc. – SnapLock Industries is recognized as the world’s leading US manufacturer and supplier of premium modular flooring brands. Leading brands include: RaceDeck Garage Floors, SnapSports Athletic Surfacing & Courts, DuraGrid Matting & Decking, and SnapLock Portable Dance & Event Floors.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Snap Lock operates out of a 100,000+ square foot facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With over 100 team members and 400 dealers, resellers, and distributors throughout the world, SnapLock is able to provide their customers with superior products and an astounding level of service and expertise.

For more information about SnapLock Industries and the RaceDeck® product line, please call 800-457-0174 or visit their website at


RaceDeck Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck Garage Floor Tile Colors

RaceDeck Garage Floor Tile Colors

RaceDeck garage floor tile patterns include CircleTrac, Diamond, and FreeFlow.  Diamond and CircleTrac garage floor tiles are also available in TuffShield, which is a gloss version of the tile that looks amazing.

RaceDeck flooring is easy to install and creates a clean, durable floor covering hiding unsightly concrete.  RaceDeck modular floors are cost-effective alternatives to epoxy floors.  The flooring can be installed in just hours, not days like epoxy coatings.  There is no floor preparation required other than sweeping and vacuuming a level concrete floor, then just “snap” the patent interlocking modules together.

RaceDeck Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck is a patented multi-use interlocking floor system that is engineered to withstand the toughest mechanical environments and is not affected by petroleum products and most automotive chemicals.  Best of all is comes with an AMAZING 15 year warranty.

Published Garage Flooring Articles

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