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Garage Floor Tiles – What type is best for me?

There are many types of garage floor tiles available on the market today generally divided into two categories, rigid and soft.

Garage Floor Tiles

Garage Floor Tiles

Soft garage floor tiles are generally made from PVC vinyl and are quite durable.  Much thinner than the rigid garage floor tiles, soft garage floor tiles usually are of the peel and stick variety.  Peel and stick tiles have an adhesive applied to the back of the tile during the manufacturing process and a plastic backing is put over the adhesive.  To install this tile, simply peel off the backing and apply the tile to the floor.

The advantages to a soft garage tile floor is that the height of the tile is only about the thickness of a nickel, no big raises in the floor to worry about.  Another major advantage to this type of garage floor tile is that spills and leaks are less likely to penetrate the floor tile meaning they are easier to clean up.  The biggest disadvantage to soft peel and stick garage floor tiles is that they cannot be removed.  If you are considering moving and want to take your garage floor tiles, you may be interested in the rigid garage floor tile.

Rigid garage floor tiles are usually made from high impact polypropylene and are either perforated or solid.  Many companies manufacture rigid garage floor tiles and they are readily available online.  Like many other products we may buy, rigid garage floor tiles vary in quality so do your research to find the best garage floor tile for your budget.  Some of the cheap garage floor tiles can warp or break.

Perforated garage floor tiles allow liquids and spills to drain through the floor onto the concrete garage floor below it.  The benefits to this type of flooring is that the garage floor surface remains dry and safe.  But there is a major disadvantage to this type of garage floor too, spills and liquids that fall below the floor are difficult to clean.  Water spills can become moldy over time so care must be taken to be sure the area is properly ventilated when using this type of garage floor.

Solid, rigid garage floor tiles are basically the same tile as the perforated, less all the drain holes.  Solid tiles are heavier than the perforated types.  The solid garage floor tiles do not allow liquids to drain quite as easily as the perforated garage floor tiles.  However, spills should be promptly cleaned up to prevent liquids from draining between the cracks in the tile to the concrete floor below.  As with the perforated garage floor tile, liquids that drain below the floor’s surface are extremely difficult to clean.

Rigid garage floor tiles are usually installed using an interlocking mechanism on two sides of the tile.  This allows the tiles to be secured to each other easily and solidly.  Many manufacturers also make an edging that can be installed around the perimeter of the garage to give it a clean, finished look.

Whatever garage floor tile you are interested in purchasing, be sure to do your homework.  Specifically with the rigid garage floor tile, quality can be in issue with the cheaper types.  Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of garage floor tile to your application to determine which floor is best for you.

RaceDay Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tiles - Levant
RaceDay Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tiles - Diamond Tread
RaceDay Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tiles - All

Garage Floor Patterns

So you’ve decided that now is the time to finally install a new garage floor in your garage.  You started your research and found that rolled garage flooring is a good choice because it’s cheap.  You later found out that this “cheap garage floor” is much more than cheap, but also durable, easy to install and great looking.  Now comes time to pick the pattern.

There are four primary patterns available including ribbed garage floors, diamond tread garage floors, coin garage floors and levant garage floors.  All are of the rolled variety and are easy to install garage floors.

The first pattern is the Ribbed Garage Floor.

The ribbed garage floor is a great looking floor but also has an impressive added benefits.  Ribbed garage floors allow spills and leaks to channel keeping the area safer and cleaner.  Clean up of ribbed garage flooring is simple and these floors can be removed from the garage and rinsed with a garden hose if needed.

Ribbed Garage Flooring

Ribbed Garage Flooring

Ribbed Garage Floor Installed

Ribbed Garage Floor Installed

Another popular items are the Diamond Tread Garage Floors.

Diamond Tread Garage Floors

Diamond Tread Garage Floors

Diamond Tread Garage Floors are preferred by many auto enthusiasts. It has the most ‘macho’ look and matches some popular garage storage cabinets. This pattern of garage floor also provides improved traction over bare floors.

Diamond Tread Garage Flooring Installed

Diamond Tread Garage Flooring Installed

The Coin Pattern Garage Floor is a very popular style.

Coin Garage Floor

Coin Garage Floor

The Coin Pattern Garage Floor is comfortable and attractive.   Coin pattern garage flooring is offered in specially formulated, heavy-duty, commercial & industrial grade material that not only is tough but looks great.  The coin pattern seems to have high satisfaction in commercial and industrial companies and that is most likely why they are manufactured with the higher grade of material.

Coin Garage Floor Installed

Coin Garage Floor Installed

The last choice of garage flooring patterns is the Levant pattern.

Levant Garage Flooring

Levant Garage Flooring

The levant pattern is the most affordable flooring and easy to keep clean. It is is quite attractive for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and in recreational vehicles. Potential uses for this material are virtually the same as those of the Coin pattern product.

Levant Garage Floor Installed

Levant Garage Floor Installed

Good luck choosing your garage floor and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Ribbed Roll Out Garage Floor
Diamond Tread Rolled Garage Flooring
Coin Rolled Garage Flooring

Garage Floors, What Thickness Do I Need?

There are many types of garage floors available.  In this article, we are going to discuss rolled garage floors.  Rolled garage floors are very popular because of their good looks, low cost and easy installation.  They come is a variety of colors and patterns that should match any plans you have for your garage makeover.  However, one of the most important decisions regarding your garage floor may be the thickness.

Rolled garage floors are usually available in the following thicknesses: 55 mil, 75 mil and 85 mil.  The better companies measure the thickness of their floors by the base thickness.

Garage Floor Thickness

Garage Floor Thickness

The breakdown of the floor ratings are as follows:

55 mil – Generally considered the Standard Grade of flooring.  55 mil garage flooring is about 0.055 inches thick. This thickness of garage flooring is generally acceptable to many homeowners.  It should offer years of protection and it has the lowest cost of the garage floors available. 

75 mil – Generally considered the Commercial Grade of flooring.  75 mil garage flooring is about 0.075 inches thick. This thickness is very popular among homeowners.  It’s extra thickness adds strength and therefore longevity to the floor.  In our opinion 75 mil is the best choice for the typical homeowner looking to justify quality with price.

85 mil – Generally considered the Industrial Grade of flooring.  85 mil garage flooring is about 0.085 inches thick. This thickness is overkill for many homeowners.  However, if money is not a concern go for the 85 mil garage flooring.  You won’t be sorry.

Levant Pattern Rolled Garage Flooring - Standard Grade
Diamond Tread Rolled Garage Flooring - Commercial Grade
Coin Rolled Garage Flooring - Industrial Grade

Ribbed Rolled Garage Floors

The first product we will discuss is the ribbed rolled garage floors.  Ribbed rolled garage floors are made from 100% high quality polyvinyl throughout the entire product, however they are often called rubber garage flooring.  Rolled garage floors are extremely popular because of their ease of installation and impressive good looks.

Ribbed Garage Floors

Ribbed Garage Floors

The biggest benefit of the ribbed garage floors compared to the other textures available is that these types are designed to channel spills and leaks which prevents them from spreading.

Ribbed Garage Floors

Ribbed Garage Floors

Installation of ribbed rolled garage floors is a breeze.  Basically all you need to do is roll out the floor.

Garage Floors Rolled Out

Garage Floors Rolled Out

Trim the edges.

Garage Floor Trimming

Garage Floor Trimming

And if you are installing more than one roll, simply overlap the edges.

Garage Floor Overlap

Garage Floor Overlap

IMPORTANT: These instructions are provided for general information of garage floor installation only.  Please refer to the instructions included with any products you purchase.

Ribbed rolled garage floors offer many benefits including:

Keeps your garage looking better than new!
• Channels liquids & debris out of garage
• Helps prevent concrete deterioration
• Hides cracks & stains in older floors
• Reduces amount of dirt tracked into home
• Easy installation—No adhesives required
• Easy to move when cleaning is needed
• Vapor barrier, moisture will not penetrate
• Prevents concrete, soil. & water contamination
• Overlap or butt together for seamless look
• Provides anti-fatigue benefit
• Easy to cut for custom fit
• Cushioned comfort for walking & working
• Thermal Insulation and noise reduction
• Ultra durable—Formulated to last for years

Garage Floor Mat
Garage Floor Covering
Inexpensive Garage Floor

Welcome to Garage Floor Info

We would like to welcome you to Garage Floor Info and we hope you find the site helpful and informative.  This site is brought to you by CoEl Enterprises and its staff.  We are all excited to welcome you and inform you about the many products in the garage floor cover industry.  The goal of this site is to educate our users and help them to better understand the products that are available to you.

The advantage to a site like this is we are dedicated to one project, garage flooring.  We can take the time to post images, links, information and descriptions of many of the garage flooring products available.  This site is not an ecommerce site but an informative site only.  Many of the products listed on this site are available on our sister site, StoreItWell.com and we will provide links as available.

Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and we hope that we can help you with your garage floor.  If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Garage Flooring Benefits

If you have a garage you already know that there are many benefits to owning it. It gives you a place to protect your car from the elements, a place to store all your “stuff”, a place to work on your tractor, car or any other project that you may have going on, and if you are like my family it makes a great place for parties. So if owning a garage already has all these benefits, why would you want to improve it with garage flooring?

There are many benefits to garage flooring. The most obvious is how amazing a new garage floor can look. Concrete garage floors are cold, damp and just plain unattractive. However, the new garage flooring available through Store It Well look great. You can choose from rolled garage floors or tile. Both are easy to install and look great.

The rolled garage flooring from Better Life Technology come in 4 patterns to please anyone including ribbed, levant, coin and diamond tread.

rolled garage flooring

Our peel and stick garage floor tiles come in 2 patterns including diamond tread and levant.

garage floor tiles

There are 6 rolled garage flooring colors and 3 garage floor tile colors to choose from to match any design plans.

Other benefits of garage flooring include anti fatigue properties. We all know concrete is hard and trying to stand or work on a concrete garage floor for an extended period of time can do quite a number on your body. That may leads to aches and pains. Our garage floors offer cushsioning which may help eliminate some of those body fatigue feelings.

Garage floors also help keep your garage clean and neat. Spills can be cleaned up easily and quickly. Our rolled garage floors can even be removed from the garage and taken outside to be sprayed down with a hose.

Garage flooring from StoreItWell.com is a great choice to improve the appearance of your garage, reduce fatigue and keep it clean.

Our Garage Flooring vs. Garage Floor Epoxy

Click here to view all of our garage flooring options.

When it comes to garage flooring, many of you may have heard or seen the epoxy floor coverings that are available today, possibly even on TV. You see what looks like a simple process and beautiful results. What you don’t see or hear is that most epoxy floor coverings fail and the process is extremely time consuming and difficult. The biggest reason the epoxy garage floors fail is adhesion, they simply don’t stick well unless the surface has been properly prepped. That doesn’t sound bad, right? Wrong. Here are some of the things you need to do to “prep” for an epoxy floor:

  • Be sure the concrete is dry. This does not mean to the naked eye but truly dry.
  • Remove ANY and ALL chemicals, grease, oil, etc. Remember, we are talking about a garage. All of these items are abundant in the garage and VERY difficult to remove.
  • If the floor was previously painted, all the paint should be removed. Good luck with that.
  • The garage surface may need to be ground down to expose the clean concrete underneath.

If you decided you still want an epoxy garage floor and you think you can handle the hours of surface preparation necessary to do the job, there are some other areas of concern you may want to consider. Even if the surface has been properly prepped and cleaned there is still a good chance the floor will fail. Here are some other possible problems associated with epoxy floor failures:

  • The concrete was not completely dried. Water is a major problem with epoxy garage floors.
  • Humidity can cause problems with epoxy and cause the floor to fail.
  • The epoxy must cure quickly. If not, blisters in the floor may appear.
  • Salts that are deposited from the concrete as it cures can effect the bonding of an epoxy garage floor.
  • Surfaces generally expand and contract with heating and cooling. These expansions and contractions can cause cracks in the epoxy flooring. Once there are cracks the floor loses its protective coating and it nice appearance.

Now that we’ve discussed garage floor epoxy, let’s discuss the garage floors available on our website, http://StoreItWell.com. We offer various garage flooring options including rolled and tile. These floors are generally inexpensive, beautiful and made to last. The best part is they are easy to install and perform well under most conditions.

Some of the advantages to using our rolled garage flooring are:

  • Easy to install. Surface preparation is minimal for our rolled garage flooring and basically includes simply sweeping the floor and wiping up any spills or chemicals for installation
  • Long lasting. Did you know that Better Life Technology Products have a five year limited warranty?
  • Easy to clean. Simply wipe up spills and your done. You can even spray down the floor with a garden hose. Because the rolled garage flooring is a floating floor, you can bring it outside for a good cleaning and drying and simply set it back in the garage.
  • It looks great!

It is quite clear that epoxy floors are not for everyone. But if you want an easy to install, long lasting, professional looking garage floor, our garage flooring products may be the best choice for you.

Garage Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance

Product Cleaning and Care of BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring

garage floor cleaninggarage floor cleaning

• The garage rolled flooring surface is easily washed with soap and water. Product can be easily washed off inside or outside of garage. Brush or sweep with cool water using a broom or sponge squeegee. Mild soaps and normal household detergents may be used. Do not leave harsh detergents or chemicals on product or wash into sewer system. Some people prefer moving the product outside and hosing it off.

• Normal household vinyl cleaners may be used to increase longevity and to remove stubborn debris. Certain automotive vinyl products may cause surface to become slippery. Use a non-slip vinyl protector such as a clean-and-shine floor cleaner.

• This is not a stain-proof product—certain dyes, inks, rubber tires, and chemicals may cause permanent staining. Some of our customers have reported that spray-on Brake and Tool Cleaner, found in many auto parts stores, will remove some stubborn stains without damaging the product. However, use of brake and tool cleaner may cause product discoloration. Never use harsh chemicals such as tar remover or kerosene on rubber garage floors.

• After cleaning, apply a coat of floor polish for vinyl floors to add a long-lasting, high-luster finish, even to older garage floor protectors.

NOTE: Leaving chemicals on the product for a long period of time may cause damage. If concrete floor has been treated with certain sealers prior to mat installation, sealer may break down over time and adhere to back of mat without causing damage to mat. Some motorcycle kickstands may cut or damage this product.

Any floor surface can become slippery in the presence of moisture and debris. Proper care and cleaning of vinyl flooring will reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. Wipe up any oil, chemicals, or other fluids that may drip or leak from vehicle to prevent hazardous, slippery conditions. Always dispose of hazardous materials properly.

Welcome to Garage Flooring News

All of us at Store It Well would like to welcome you to the Garage Flooring News. We will use these pages to notify you of exciting new products, discuss current products and help you determine which is the best product for you. We are excited about this new feature that allows us to discuss and go in to detail about specific products and their applications.Be sure to bookmark this page if you are interested in Garage Flooring and our Garage Floor products.