Ribbed Rolled Garage Flooring - 7.5'x17' - 55 mil

Ribbed Rolled Garage Flooring - 7.5'x17' - 55 mil

Original Rib/Channel Pattern Floor Covering Purchase more than 1 and save $11 on every roll! ..

$219.00 $303.60

RaceDay Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tiles - Diamond Tread - 12"

RaceDay Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tiles - Diamond Tread - 12"

RaceDay Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tiles - Diamond Tread - 12" Garage Flooring Tile Dimensions -..

$89.00 $117.20

RaceDeck Diamond Garage Floor Tile - 12"

RaceDeck Diamond Garage Floor Tile - 12"

RaceDeck Diamond Garage Floor Tile RACEDECK DIAMOND (12" Tile) - Multi-patent hi-tech metal like ..


Diamond Deck Rolled Garage Flooring

Diamond Deck Rolled Garage Flooring

Diamond Deck Roll-Out PVC Flooring Roll out Diamond Deck flooring gives your garage floor a stylish ..


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Cheap and Best Garage Floors Tiles

Store It Well offers many of the best garage flooring products available today at the lowest prices. With our factory direct pricing, fast shipping and best customer service you can shop with confidence. Our extensive garage remodeling line also includes cabinets, mats, threshold seals and much more. Have a question? Give us a call toll free at 888.502.6925, we would love to help. Don't be fooled by flashy sites claiming this and claiming that, Store It Well has been selling garage floors for years and our customers appreciate our low prices, honest service and quality products. So remember for all your garage flooring needs, don't just store it, Store It Well!

Great products at low prices. Store It Well has everything you need to complete your garage design project at a price you can afford. Our products are easy to install and will be shipped right to your front door.

Our Garage Flooring vs. Garage Floor Epoxy
When it comes to garage flooring options, many of you may have heard or seen the epoxy floor coverings that are available today, possibly even on TV. You see what looks like a simple process and beautiful results. What you don’t see or hear is that most epoxy floor coverings fail and the process is extremely time consuming and difficult. The biggest reason the epoxy garage floors fail is adhesion, they simply don’t stick well unless the surface has been properly prepped. That doesn’t sound bad, right? Wrong. Here are some of the things you need to do to “prep” for an epoxy floor: [more]

Garage Flooring Options
There are options available to make the best garage floors to meet anyone’s taste. Generally the two best options are rolled garage flooring and garage floor tiles. Deciding which type of floor is a matter of preference and cost. [more]

Garage Floors - How Much Do I Need?
Garage floors make a nice addition to any home and they are a fantastic home improvement project. There are many types of garage flooring with the most popular being rolled garage flooring. With the wide variety of textures, colors and thicknesses available, choosing the right garage floor can be a difficult task. [more]

Garage Floor Tiles
We all know that garage flooring can significantly improve the appearance and function of your garage. The easiest garage flooring for that project would include our rolled garage flooring. This will provide you with a GREAT garage floor but some people like the look of garage floor tiles. At Store It Well we have a great solution, Race Day Peel and Stick Tiles.

Better Life Technology Race Day Peel and Stick cheap garage floor tiles from Store It Well come in 2 sizes, 12 inch and 24 inch. They are available in 3 common colors including Midnight Black, Slate Grey, and Absolute White. [more]

Garage Organization and Storage
There's nothing like enclosed garage cabinets cabinets to help you get your entire garage’s contents organized. The benefits of utilizing cabinets are pretty intuitive. First, they help you not only get organized, but stay organized. Second, your belonging will be out of sight, so your garage will look neat and you will have more space to do the activities you need to. Third, they also help you keep you [more]

Simple Garage Floors, Protection and Beauty

There are many types of garage floors available today. The most popular types are rolled garage floors, tile garage floors and epoxy paint garage floors. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages but for the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on the simplest types of garage floors, rolled and tile. Epoxy garage floors are quite impressive in appearance but the time and effort involved in installing one is best left to the experts. [more]

Garage Flooring That’s Inexpensive and Easy To Install
If you are looking for an inexpensive garage floor that looks great and is easy to install, then the Better Life Technology (BLT) Rolled garage flooring is for you. One of the least expensive garage floors available, BLT rolled garage flooring, is very durable, looks amazing, and installs in less than an hour. Don’t believe that a garage floor can be this simple to install? Here are the basic installation instructions: [more]

Garage Floor Tiles - What type is best for me?
There are many types of cheap garage floor tiles available on the market today generally divided into two categories, rigid and soft.

Soft garage floor tiles are generally made from PVC vinyl and are quite durable. Much thinner than the rigid garage floor tiles, soft garage floor tiles usually are of the peel and stick variety. Peel and stick tiles have an adhesive applied to the back of the tile during the manufacturing process and a plastic backing is put over the adhesive. To install this tile, simply peel of the backing and apply the tile to the floor. [more]

What are the best garage floors?
What is the best garage floor is a difficult question to answer. There generally is no doubt that adding garage flooring is a wise decision. The added benefits outweigh the cost in most cases. Garage flooring benefits include: [more]

Garage Floors, What Thickness Do I Need?
There are many types of garage floors available. In this article, we are going to discuss rolled garage floors. Rolled garage floors are very popular because of their good looks, low cost and easy installation. They come is a variety of colors and patterns that should match any plans you have for your garage makeover. However, one of the most important decisions regarding your garage floor may be the thickness. [more]

Garage Floors - Which one is right for me?

Garage floors have been a growing home improvement project in many houses today. They add comfort, warmth, safety and beauty to a normally cold, hard place. The most popular types of floors are rolled garage floors (sometimes call rubber garage floors) and garage floor tile. When it comes to garage floor tiles there are many types to chose from including hard and soft. [more]

Garage Flooring Benefits
If you have a garage you already know that there are many benefits to owning it. It gives you a place to protect your car from the elements, a place to store all your “stuff”, a place to work on your tractor, car or any other project that you may have going on, and if you are like my family it makes a great place for parties. So if owning a garage already has all these benefits, why would you want to improve it with garage flooring? [more]

Garage Floor Patterns
So you’ve decided that now is the time to finally install a new garage floor in your garage. You started your research and found that rolled garage flooring is a good choice because it’s cheap. You later found out that this “cheap garage floor” is much more than cheap but also durable, easy to install and great looking. Now comes time to pick the pattern. [more]

Garage Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance

Product Cleaning and Care of BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring
• Surface is easily washed with soap and water. Product can be easily washed off inside or outside of garage. Brush or sweep with cool water using a broom or sponge squeegee. Mild soaps and normal household detergents may be used. Do not leave harsh detergents or chemicals on product or wash into sewer system. Some people prefer moving the product outside and hosing it off. [more]

Ribbed Rolled Garage Floors
Ribbed rolled garage floors are made from 100% high quality polyvinyl throughout the entire product, however they are often called rubber garage flooring. Rolled garage floors are extremely popular because of their ease of installation and impressive good looks. [more]