Designing Your Garage Floor with Tiles

Designing a floor with garage floor tiles may seem like an intimidating process.  However, it is actually quite simple when you have the right tools at hand.  Store It has easy to use instructions here to get you started.

There are basically three types of garage floor tile patterns.  The first is solid and that is simply all the same color tiles covering the entire garage floor surface.  The second and generally most popular style is the checkerboard.  The checkerboard style is exactly what the name implies, two colors using an every other pattern to create a checkerboard appearance.  Lastly there are custom patterns.  A custom pattern with garage floor tiles can be anything you desire.  The easiest way to create your pattern is using graph paper with each square representing one tile.  You can download and print graph paper here.

So get out there and start designing the garage floor of your dreams!!

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