Designing a Garage Floor

There are options available to make the perfect garage floor to meet anyone’s taste.  Generally the two best options are rolled garage flooring and garage floor tiles.  Deciding which type of floor is a matter of preference and cost.

The lowest price flooring is rolled.  This type of garage flooring is also the easiest type of floor to install.  Simply roll the floor out and trim around any obstructions.  The seems can be taped together or left floating.

The other type of flooring is garage floor tiles.  This type of floor is more expensive and takes a little more time to install.  In many opinions, it provides the homeowner with the best looking floor.  There are two type of garage floor tiles, peel and stick and interlocking garage floor tiles.  Peel and stick tiles use a strong adhesive to remain in place.  Interlocking tiles are a floating system in which each tile locks into the other creating a grid that stays nicely in place.

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