Garage Floor Patterns
So you’ve decided that now is the time to finally install a new garage floor at your home or shop.  You started your research and found that rolled garage flooring is a good choice because it’s cheap.  You later found out that this “cheap garage floor” is much more than cheap, but also durable, easy to install and great looking.  Now comes time to pick the pattern.

There are four primary patterns of rolled flooring available including Ribbed, Diamond Tread, Coin and Levant. 

RibbedDiamond TreadCoinLevant

The first pattern is the Ribbed

The Ribbed garage floor is a great looking floor but also has an impressive added benefit.  Ribbed garage floors allow spills and leaks to channel keeping the area safer and cleaner.  Clean up of Ribbed garage flooring is simple and these floors can be removed from the garage and rinsed with a garden hose if needed.

Another popular item is the Diamond Tread

Diamond Tread garage floors are preferred by many auto enthusiasts. It has the most ‘macho’ look and matches some popular garage storage cabinets. This pattern of garage floor also provides improved traction over bare floors.  The pattern comes from the well known diamond plate metals that have become quite popular due to their strength and impressive looks. 

The Coin Pattern is a very popular style

The Coin Pattern garage floor is comfortable and attractive.   Coin pattern garage flooring is offered in specially formulated, heavy-duty, commercial & industrial grade material that not only is tough but looks great.  The coin pattern seems to have high satisfaction in commercial and industrial companies and that is most likely why they are manufactured with the higher grade of material.  This extra strength can also make a great addition to your garage.

The last choice for rolled garage flooring is the Levant pattern

The Levant pattern has a leather like appearance is the most affordable flooring and easy to keep clean. It is quite attractive for use in garages, bathrooms, kitchens, and in recreational vehicles. Potential uses for this material are virtually the same as those of the Coin pattern product.

How about garage floor tiles?  There are even more options for textures!

If you're interested in a peel and stick variety, those floors come in 2 patterns, Diamond Tread and Levant.  They are made of the same material as the rolled garage flooring but with an adhesive backing. 

If a rigid tile is more your style, then you have more choices.  Our rigid tiles come in Diamond, Circletrac (which is similar to Coin), and Free-Flow. 
Diamond CircleTrac Free Flow
The rigid garage floor tiles are a floating floor system that simply snap together and provide an amazing appearance.  They come in 13 colors and are extremely tough yet stylish.  The patterns of the Diamond and Circletrac are very close to what we discussed earlier.  The Free-Flow tile allows dirt, debris, and spills to fall through the tile leaving the surface cleaner and safer than other options.  Our RaceDeck flooring uses the same interlocking technology on all their tiles which allows users to mix and match patterns, colors, and even sizes. 

Good luck choosing your garage floor and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
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