Garage Floor Tiles
We all know that garage flooring can significantly improve the appearance and function of your garage.  The easiest garage flooring for that project would include our roll out garage flooring which will provide you with a great garage floor. However, some people like the look of garage floor tiles.  At Store It Well we offer great solutions from rigid to peel and stick!

Peel and Stick Tiles
Race Day peel and stick garage floor tiles from Store It Well are exactly what the name describes.  To install, simply peel off the backing and stick to your floor.  Well, maybe there's a little bit more to it, but it is simple and looks great.  View full installation instructions. These floors are typically less expensive than their rigid counterparts.  They give a similar look, but with the feel of our roll out models.  Race Day come in 2 sizes, 12 inch and 24 inch and are available in 3 common colors including Midnight Black, Slate Grey, and Absolute White.  The Race Day tiles are manufactured with specially formulated, commercial-grade G-Floor material with peel-off, press & stick backing. You may have seen many other garage floor tiles on the market today, but the Race Day peel and stick tiles offer benefits that other garage floor tiles do not.

Aside of the obvious great look of these garage floor tiles, their benefits include:
  • Hides cracks and stains in older garage floors
  • Helps prevent concrete floor damage
  • Patterned design reduces amount of dirt tracked into the home
  • Cushions floor for anti-fatigue benefit
  • Virtually seals floor with non-porous surface
  • Reduces noise and insulates
Rigid Garage Floor Tiles
Rigid garage floor tiles are pretty much what the name implies, they're a solid tile with little flex.  These bad boys are tough, look great, and come is many different styles and colors.  A bit more expensive that peel and stick, but for the money they provide amazing results. 

The leader in this category is our Race Deck garage floor tiles.  Attractive and durable, our customers LOVE these tiles and so will you. They come in 3 styles that include diamond plate, circletrac, and free flow.  With 14 colors available, you can put your creative mind to the test and design your very own, one-of-a-kind floor.  From simple to elaborate, the possibilities are endless. There is no special preparation of your floor required other than sweeping and vacuuming a level concrete floor, then just "snap" the patent interlocking modules together.

Want to get really crazy?  How about our wood floor tiles.  Transform your garage like never before with this amazing touch of class.  Available in smoked oak, these floors must be seen to be believed!  And because they're made by Race Deck, they fit perfectly with the full line of tiles so you can mix and match.

Other benefits include:
  • Not effected by most automotive chemicals or petroleum products
  • These floating floors provide great anti-fatigue properties, add more comfort than a cold, hard concrete floor
  • Installs in hours, not days with no toxic fumes or vapors
  • Made tough to support floor jacks, toolboxes and jack stands
  • Most products come with a 15-year manufacturer's warranty

With so many options, you really can't go wrong.  So, what floor will you go with?

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