Garage Floor Tiles – What type is best for me?
There are many types of garage floor tiles available on the market today generally divided into two categories, rigid and soft.  Soft garage floor tiles are generally made from PVC vinyl and are quite durable.  Much thinner than the rigid garage floor tiles, soft garage floor tiles are usually of the peel and stick variety.  Peel and stick tiles have an adhesive applied to the back of the tile during the manufacturing process and a plastic backing is put over the adhesive.  To install this tile, simply peel off the backing and apply the tile to the floor.

The advantages to a soft garage tile floor is that the height of the tile is only about the thickness of a nickel, no big raises in the floor to worry about.  Another major advantage to this type of garage floor tile is that spills and leaks are less likely to penetrate the floor tile meaning they are easier to clean up.  The biggest disadvantage to soft peel and stick garage floor tiles is that they cannot be removed.  If you are considering moving and want to take your garage floor tiles, you may be interested in the rigid garage floor tile.

Rigid garage floor tiles are usually made from high impact polypropylene and are either perforated or solid.  Many companies manufacture rigid garage floor tiles and they are readily available online.  Like many other products we may buy, rigid garage floor tiles vary in quality so do your research to find the best garage floor tile for your budget.  Some of the cheap garage floor tiles can warp or break.

Perforated garage floor tiles allow liquids and spills to drain through the floor onto the concrete garage floor below it.  The benefits to this type of flooring is that the garage floor surface remains dry and safe.  But there is a major disadvantage to this type of garage floor too, spills and liquids that fall below the floor are difficult to clean.  Water spills can become moldy over time so care must be taken to be sure the area is properly ventilated when using this type of garage floor.

Solid, rigid garage floor tiles are basically the same tile as the perforated, less all the drain holes.  Solid tiles are heavier than the perforated types.  The solid garage floor tiles do not allow liquids to drain quite as easily as the perforated garage floor tiles.  However, spills should be promptly cleaned up to prevent liquids from draining between the cracks in the tile to the concrete floor below.  As with the perforated garage floor tile, liquids that drain below the floor’s surface are extremely difficult to clean.

Rigid garage floor tiles are usually installed using an interlocking mechanism on four sides of the tile.  This allows the tiles to be secured to each other easily and solidly.  Many manufacturers also make an edging that can be installed around the perimeter of the garage to give it a clean, finished look.

Whatever garage floor tile you are interested in purchasing, be sure to do your homework.  Specifically with the rigid garage floor tile, quality can be in issue with the cheaper types.  Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of garage floor tile to your application to determine which floor is best for you.
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