Garage Flooring Benefits

If you have a garage, you already know that there are many benefits to owning it. It gives you a place to protect your car from the elements, a place to store all your “stuff”, a place to work on your tractor, car or any other projects that you may have going on, and if you are like my family it makes a great place for parties. So, if owning a garage already has all these benefits, why would you want to improve it with garage flooring?

There are many benefits to garage flooring. The most obvious is how amazing a new garage floor can look. Concrete garage floors are cold, damp and just plain unattractive. However, the new garage flooring available through Store It Well look great. You can choose from rolled garage floors or tile. Both are easy to install and greatly improve the overall appearance of your home.

There are 6 rolled garage flooring colors and 3 garage floor tile colors to choose from to match any design plans.  The rolled garage flooring from Better Life Technology come in 4 patterns to please anyone including ribbed, levant, coin and diamond tread.  With a variety of colors, these are the most inexpensive flooring we offer and easiest to install.  Our peel and stick garage floor tiles come in 2 patterns including diamond tread and levant.  These floors add more style to your garage, and you can mix and match colors to create any pattern you can dream up.

Other benefits of garage flooring include anti fatigue properties. We all know concrete is hard and trying to stand or work on a concrete garage floor for an extended period of time can do quite a number on your body. That may lead to aches and pains. Our garage floors offer cushioning which may help eliminate some of those body fatigue feelings.

Garage floors also help keep your garage clean and neat. Spills can be cleaned up easily and quickly. Our rolled garage floors can even be removed from the garage and taken outside to be sprayed down with a hose.  With a concrete floor, most oil spills, car leaks, or other messes permanently stain the concrete.  

How about resale value?  Just like most home improvements you make, adding a new garage floor can increase the value of your home.  Especially when you have an older, stained, beat up floor.  An inexpensive project like adding a roll out garage floor can add value at a low cost, and it only takes a couple hours of work.  

It's just plain cool.  Garages with new floors feel better, look better, and in our opinion make your stuff look better. Why do the nicest cars at the new car dealership get placed inside?  Because a car sitting in a showroom with great lighting and flooring look better than a car out of the lot.

Garage flooring from is a great choice to improve the appearance of your garage, reduce fatigue and keep it clean.

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