Simple Garage Floors, Protection and Beauty
Who would have thought that not too long ago, garage floors were just poured concrete.  Today, there are many types of garage floors available to meet just about anyone's budget and taste.  Some of the more popular ones are rolled garage floors, various types of tile garage floors, and epoxy paint garage floors.  All of them have their advantages and disadvantages but for the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on the simplest types of garage floors, rolled and tile.  Epoxy garage floors are quite impressive in appearance but the time and effort involved in installing one is best left to the experts. Additionally, many of these installs fail leaving a terrible looking mess.

The most cost effective and easiest garage floors to install are the rolled variety.  With a low cost, simple installation, and amazing results, it's no wonder these are a popular choice among homeowners and professionals alike.  One of the best qualities of this floor is the ease of installation and minimal time it takes.  The average homeowner can install their own garage floor in just a couple hours with basic tools such as scissors, a razor blade, and a straight edge. For most installations, there are no adhesives to deal with as these are primarily a floating floor.  Rolled garage floors come in a variety of colors and textures that will suit anyone’s taste.  The most common textures are ribbed, diamond plate, coin and levant.

Rolled Garage Floor

Garage floor textures play an important part in the garage floor decision process.  Besides the great appearance a new garage floor can add to your home, they also provide anti-fatigue benefits, have sound deadening qualities, and improved safety.  Ribbed style garage floors allow liquids to be channeled away which helps keep your floor safe from spills.  All textures, including ribbed garage floors, offer some anti-slip properties.  However, it is important to keep in mind that manufacturers do not consider their garage floors to be slip resistant with one stating, “there is no substitute for keeping a clean, well-maintained floor.”

Tiles are also becoming quite popular with regard to garage floors.  The peel and stick variety offer many of the same qualities of rolled garage flooring such as comfort, noise reduction, and safety, but with an entirely different look.  Tile garage floors are usually mixed and matched to give a checkerboard pattern.  Some homeowners even create borders and other designs in their garage floors, the options are limited only by your imagination!

The Race Day Peel & Stick Tiles are one of the easiest garage floor tiles to install.  You simply peel the backing and apply the tile to the prepared garage floor.

Peel and Stick Tile

The peel and stick type of garage floor tiles may be a better option over the rigid types of garage floor tiles simply because they prevent dead spots under the floor.

 Tile floor comparison

Rigid garage floor tiles are more costly than the peel and stick varieties, but the looks of these floors can be spectacular!  Race Deck is the leader in garage floor tiles.  They offer a variety of textures such as CircleTrac, Diamond, and FreeFlow, and up to 13 different colors.  Most models come in 12"x12" sizes, but some are even available in an 18" size.  Race Deck tiles all use the same interlocking technology that allows owners to mix and match styles, colors, and even sizes!  The CircleTrac and Diamond styles have a fully enclosed upper where the FreeFlow are perforated allowing debris and liquids to fall through and off your floor surface.  These floors are also a floating floor which means there are no adhesives or paints of any kind to deal with.  And damn, these floors are just gorgeous.

Circle TracRaceDeck CircleTrac Floor

Whether installing a rolled garage floor or tile garage floor, the low cost and impressive benefits make it a quality home improvement project that will add beauty, safety and value to your home.
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