G-Floor® Gym Flooring - 10' x 61'

Wherever you work hard and play hard, G-Floor® activity and gym flooring holds up to the most rigorous workout. Tough enough to drive a car on, it’s still soft and safe for walking and activities. By protecting the floor with 100% polyvinyl G-Floor® Universal Flooring, you cut down on repair and refinishing costs. Our versatile floor covers protect from water damage, scratches, stains, warps, and extreme wear and tear from students, athletes, exercisers and from a variety of uses. Basketball courts, wood floors and exercise/recreation rooms look like new for years, just like your G-Floor® Universal Flooring covers.

Want a calm, peaceful motif for a yoga studio? Looking to energize a fitness facility? Just need traditional sports/gym flooring?  Or are you looking to protect the floor at your home gym?  We’ll help you protect or rejuvenate a worn out space with G-Floor® Universal Flooring.

G-Floor Gym Flooring - 10' x 61'

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