EventDeck 1 Natural Turf, Track, & Arena Protection

Natural Turf, Track, & Arena Protection - 4" x 12"

EventDeck 1 is a modular temporary flooring and pathway system that provides access, surface protection and decorative enhancement for special events and other functions.

The portable flooring is a high-impact poly-propylene module that measures 4" x 12". Modules snap together on all sides using our uniquely engineered intermodule connection system. Sections are durable, weather resistant and capable of withstanding extraordinary loads and stresses, including the weight of cars, trucks and forklifts (with pneumatic tires). Modules are available in several colors; custom colors are available upon request.

Sections can be stored and transported in sheets or rolled up, its simple to install and does not require special tools or training.

Whether you're planning a concert for 60,000 or a wedding for 100, EventDeck is the perfect alternative to costly built-up wooden floors, staging and decking. You will also save money on improved speed of installation and reduced long-term maintenance. It's the affordable alternative with all-around superior performance.

EventDeck 1 Features:

Drainage and ventilation holes that provide air, water and light flow

Integrated moisture canopy helps to retain moisture and provides adequate space for grass to live and grow

Each module contains over 100 specially spaced drainage holes, which allow water to flow through the tread and to the ground below. These holes also provide ventilation, light, and air to the turf below.

Distributes weight and helps prevent damage to your grass from pedestrians and equipment. Depending on the duration of your event, it is possible to water turf through EventDeck, keeping grass hydrated and nourished.

It is ideal for large events on sensitive grass lawns and fields, around pool and wet areas and for other outdoor flooring applications. This version may also be used on sand, soil, and other surfaces where drainage holes may be preferred over the smooth top surface design of EventDeck 2.

EventDeck 1 is designed specifically for grass protection and for areas where a drainage top design is preferred.

Easy Installation

Installs easily without tools or trained personnel. Simply roll out pre-assembled sections and snap together using our proprietary hinge-joint.

Area (sq/ft) * Time to Install
400 * 15 minutes - 1 person
2,400 * 1 hour - 2 people
10,000 * 3 hours - 4 people
60,000 * 8 hours - 14 people

Tents and Special Events
Use for tent flooring and other special events. It is particularly suited for tent rental companies as it offers a high ROI and a 4-5 rental payback.

EventDeck is ideal as stand alone floors or as a sub floor for carpet or turf. Staple or tape carpet and synthetic turf right to EventDeck for the ultimate event flooring combination. Use it as a base for chairs, tables, and dance floors over grass, mud, dirt, asphalt, gravel, or other typical event venue surfaces.

Another tent rental use is as a base for cleaning tents, fabrics and other equipment. Dirty water flows easily through the floor’s drainage holes and away from the material being cleaned. There’s no back up of water, and tent tops and side walls get cleaner and stay cleaner.

Stadiums and Natural Turf Facilities
EventDeck is used in some of the most prestigious stadiums and arenas throughout the world.

From Bermuda grass and Rye to from Bluegrass and hybrid combinations, it is the right choice for your expensive playing surfaces and sports fields and may be left down for several days for concerts, graduations, and other on-field events.

Protects Natural Grass
EventDeck 1 was engineered to minimize lateral flex and to distribute weight evenly across its support beams and ribbing which helps prevent the floor from digging into the turf, even under heavy weight.

Hidden under the top of each floor module’s surface is a specially designed canopy, which is constructed to both retain moisture and allow for the right amount of light, water, and air to reach the grass underneath. Because of his design, it can be left in place for many days without killing the grass and is designed to prevent damage from strong sunlight and heat.

When it is in place it is not unusual for customers to find their grass is actually greener after a few days use as a result of the greenhouse like conditions created by the flooring canopy. During long installations, blades of grass can be found poking out of each module's drainage holes, continuing to grow even as the floor is in place.

ED1 has aeration holes for natural grass protection

Industry-Leading Expansion Joint
All plastic flooring materials will expand and contract during fluctuating temperature conditions. In plastic modular floors, this “thermal expansion” phenomenon can result in floors warping, buckling, disconnecting or otherwise becoming uneven.

Only Signature Flooring’s EventDeck offers an engineered expansion joint module to accommodate the thermal expansion that can occur during varying temperature conditions. Like an expansion joint in a bridge, building, or highway, the EventDeck expansion module is designed to accommodate natural expansion.

Until the development of the EventDeck Expansion Module (ED-XJ), event managers, concert promoters, stadium managers, groundskeepers and others involved in the production of concerts or other on-field events simply had to accept the inconvenient condition of thermal expansion at outdoor events as unavoidable.

With ED-XJ organizers can feel comfortable knowing that the EventDeck system will be able to handle temperature fluctuation throughout the day and night, avoiding potential warping or buckling and giving you the peace of mind that an engineered solution is in place.

EventDeck 1 Natural Turf, Track, & Arena Protection

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