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Parking pads and mats

Store It Well offers three types of parking pads and mats.

Motorcycle mats protect your garage floor from spills and leaks.  Other benefits include:

  • Protects Floors from Kickstand Damage and Oil-Stain Deterioration
  • Easy to move and clean with soap and water
  • Some have a ribbed design that controls liquids and debris
  • Cushioned comfort reduces fatigue
  • Some are trimable to nearly any custom fit
  • Offered in sizes up to 10′ × 5’—for even big road bikes

Auto Care Parking Pads offer protection and beauty to your garage, pool area, deck, basement, laundry room, motor home and more!  Garage Mats not only protect your garage floor, but will contain gallons and gallons of snow, water, mud, grit and grime that make a mess of your garage floor.  If garage floor protection and containment are a priority to you, then our unique Garage Mat is the answer you have been looking for.

Race Day Parking Mat preserve your garage floor with these ‘cool’ looking garage flooring mats. They not only look great but also protect your garage floor from leaks and spills.  Special RaceDay Parking Pad Floor Mat

  • Unique BLT rib-pattern surface
  • Black with checkered flag design
  • Large 8′ x 20′ Size
  • 55-mil thickness for high durability
  • Lexan walk-on checker pattern
  • Protects cement floor
  • ‘Cool’ looking garage floor protector
  • Hides cracks and stains
  • Butt mats together for seamless look
  • Easy installs—no adhesives needed
  • Reduces dirt & grease on shoes

For all your parking pad and mat needs, Store It Well has what you’re looking for.