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Rolled Garage Flooring

Store It Well offer various rolled garage flooring options. We offering the following floors to meet all your garage floor needs (click image for more information):

Ribbed Garage Flooring

Ribbed Garage Flooring

Sometimes called rubber garage floors, this durable roll out garage flooring transforms your garage into a showroom for your vehicle in just minutes! The roll out garage floor with the ribbed pattern helps channel liquids and debris out of your garage and looks great in the process. This rolled garage floor is available in 2 thicknesses, Standard Grade and Commercial Grade, and is available in 6 colors to match any garage. The ribbed pattern garage floor is a best seller and will provide years of use for your home.

Diamond Garage Flooring

Diamond Garage Flooring

G-Floor Diamond Tread garage floors are preferred by many auto enthusiasts. It has the most ‘macho’ look and matches some popular garage storage cabinets. This pattern also provides improved traction over bare floors. Like all of our rolled garage floors, the Diamond Tread is easy to install and provides many benefits to your garage. The Diamond Tread roll out garage floors are available in 2 thicknesses, Commercial and Industrial and comes in 3 colors including the new Metallic Silver.

Our Diamond Tread Rolled garage flooring is a high quality, low price product that will provide years of use for your home. This pattern of garage floors is a customer favorite.

Coin Garage Flooring

Coin Garage Flooring

The Coin Pattern Garage Flooring is both comfortable and attractive. Coin pattern roll out garage floors are offered in specially formulated, heavy-duty, commercial and industrial grade material that is not only tough but looks great. Available in 6 popular colors, these garage floors are sure to please anyone’s taste.

Our garage floors in the Coin Pattern are easy to install and usually only take a couple hours. With all the benefits a roll out garage floor can provide, it’s easy to see why so many people chose our rolled garage flooring from Better Life Technology.

Levant Garage Flooring

Levant Garage Flooring

The Levant Pattern is our most affordable and cheapest garage flooring. Easy to keep clean and available in both Standard and Commercial Grade, the Levant Pattern garage floor is a winner. This roll our garage floor helps prevent concrete deterioration, hides cracks and stains in older floors and is easy to move when cleaning is needed.

With 2 colors to chose from, this is one garage floor that is quite attractive for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and in recreational vehicles.

Speck Deck Garage Flooring

Speck Deck Garage Flooring

Sometimes called rubber garage floors, this durable roll out garage flooring transforms your garage into a showroom for your vehicle in just minutes!



Garage floor legislation referendum will not be on November ballot in South Euclid

SOUTH EUCLID — Law Director Michael Lograsso said an attempt to reverse a law allowing inspection of garage floors at rental and vacated homes will not go before voters Nov. 8.

Lograsso gave the opinion that recently submitted petitions pertaining to the matter did not conform to existing laws.

Resident Robert Schoenewald of Bayard Road said he saw the recently passed law as a step towards point-of-sale inspections and sought to stop it from being enacted by gathering signatures on a referendum petition.

In 2008, Schoenewald organized a successful referendum against point-of-sale inspections, which he saw as an intrusion on one’s civil liberties.

Lograsso explained that a referendum involves changing legislation passed by City Council. An initiative has voters voting on a new piece of legislation backed by petition circulators.

“(Schoenewald) got a copy of an ordinance passed by council (pertaining to the garage floor legislation) and attached it to an initiative petition,” Lograsso said. “By definition, you can’t do that. An ordinance has to be attached to a referendum petition.”

On July 28, Schoenewald submitted to Clerk of Council Keith Benjamin 14 petitions containing 416 signatures he and others had gathered.

While Lograsso said he is following state laws and the city charter in forming his opinion, Schoenewald said, “He’ll do what he has to do, and I’ll do what I have to do. He’s looking for technicalities to shut out the voice of the people.

Schoenewald did not say exactly what action he might next take regarding the matter.

Building Commissioner Paul Kowalczyk sought the garage floor legislation. He said the city has always inspected garage floors, but that by making it a part of the code, it would help the city.

In a recent case in which a homeowner took the city to court over a garage floor violation, Kowalczyk found that the city had no language specific to garage floors and he was advised by a lawyer to get such language instated in order to better defend the city in future cases.

Recycled Rubber Floor – Swisstrax Breakthrough

Indio, CA August 04, 2011

A revolutionary and environmentally friendly recycled rubber floor solution promises to remove thousands of tires from landfills across the U.S. Swisstrax, Inc., a manufacturer of interlocking tiles – based in Indio, CA – has broken the code to creating it’s flooring product line using 100% recycled rubber flooring materials, including recycled rubber tires.

“We have been working with CalRecycle, waste tire vendors, rubber compounding companies and plastics recyclers over the past several years in effort to find the right materials and perfect compounds” says Randy Nelson, President of Swisstrax, who directed the research project.

The new tile is the first injection-molded, anti-fatigue modular tile made with recycled rubber tires anywhere in the world. These soft interlocking tiles are made with special, Swiss-designed molds created for this new material, and all tiles are produced here in the USA.

Swisstrax is member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and its new line of interlocking tiles made with recycled rubber materials is LEED Points qualified. “We are proud to offer a recycled rubber floor product that is of the same quality and design as our current tiles but in a future-thinking, earth-friendly material utilizing U.S. waste tires, and helping to keep them out of our landfills” says Mr. Nelson about why his company is changing lanes and going GREEN.

The new anti-fatigue recycled rubber floor tiles will be displayed at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas

ABOUT SWISSTRAX MODULAR FLOORING CORPORATION Swisstrax, Inc. offers a practical and modern alternative to standard concrete and epoxy garage flooring. Randy Nelson, President, directed the development of this revolutionary garage flooring product line in Switzerland over 19 years ago. Randy brought the product back to the USA four years ago and has centrally based his garage flooring manufacturing and distribution center in California since.
Since manufacturing began in the United States, Swisstrax has been chosen by MINI Cooper dealerships nationwide as their car display flooring of choice and is the official event flooring supplier to the Barrett Jackson Car Auctions. Swisstrax also supplies their interlocking, modular flooring to AVIS, The SPEED Channel, Carroll Shelby Official Licensed Merchandise, US Armed Forces, Ferrari, Grand Am, American Le Mans, Ford Motor Company and Ford Racing and most recently Snap-On. These are just some of the clients to take advantage of the distinctive look of the Swisstrax modular flooring line.