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Other Uses for your Garage Floor

What can you do with garage flooring?

Garage flooring has many uses outside your garage.  How about use it to transform your showroom?  Maybe turn your exercise room into a health club!  Transform your basement into an extra room in the house.  Or even turn your outdoor deck or patio into a dream backyard.  You can do all these things and more with garage flooring.

Garage flooring is easy to install, low maintenance and affordable.  The uses are limitless and will transform your garage and other areas in and around your home into something you never thought possible.

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Need a floor for your garage?

Store It Well offers a complete line of flooring products for your garage.  We offer garage floor tiles, rolled garage flooring, peel and stick tiles and garage floor mats.  So what is the difference of all these products?

Garage Floor Tiles
Garage floor tiles are rigid tiles made of quality materials designed to last for years.  The user an interlocking tab system and simply snap together.  They are easy to install and require only basic tools.  They generally come in a variety of colors and patterns to meet any ones desires.  Popular colors include black, white and gray.  However, they are now produced in just about any color including red, blue, green, beige, yellow, and so on.  Popular patters are the diamond which is made to resemble the same texture of diamond plate steel.  Other patterns included tire tread, flow through and coin.

Rolled Garage Flooring
Rolled garage flooring is one of the most affordable garage floors and the easiest to install.  Simple roll the mats on and trim as needed.  Simple tools like heavy duty scissors or a razor knife are all that is needed.  Again these floors come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Popular colors include gray and black and the more popular styles include ribbed and coin patterns.

Peel and Stick Garage Floor Tiles
Peel and Stick garage floor tiles are a combination of both the rigid garage floor tiles and the rolled garage flooring.  They are basically extremely heavy duty rolled garage flooring cut into 12 inch squares.  A peel and stick adhesive is then applied to the tile.  Installation is simple.  Remove the adhesive backing and stick into place.  These tiles are generally more affordable than the rigid types and give you the ability to mix various colors to make any pattern you wish.

Garage Floor Mats
Garage floor mats are used to protect your existing garage floors from leaks and spills.  Most are used as a parking pad to park your car in within the garage.  These mats come in different styles and qualities to keep your existing garage floor need and clean.

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