Other uses for garage flooring

Garage flooring products are great for improving the appearance and comfort in your garage.  But did you know there are many other uses as well?

Garage flooring is a great alternative to use in your basement rec room, man room, home gym, shed, bathroom, barn, factory, business, airport hanger, auto dealership, deck covering, daycare facility, game room, restaurant, bar, fish room, seafood store, repair shop, manufacturing facility, schools, exercise room, kitchens, and on and on.   The uses are nearly endless.  You can even use them to line the bottom of your pickup, van, trailer, or cargo area of your car or SUV.

We’d love to see what you have done with your garage flooring.  Whether in your garage or anywhere else.  Click the Contact Us tab and let us know you have a pic to send.  We will send you a private email address where you can send your pics and see them posted here on the site.