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Diamond Deck Garage Flooring – Stock

Please be advised,  the following Diamond Deck garage flooring products are out of stock:

Silver Diamond Deck:

Item # 80714  –  7.5’x14’ Silver Diamond Deck

Item # 80717  –  7.5’x17’ Silver Diamond Deck

Item # 80720  –  7.5’x20’ Silver Diamond Deck

Item # 80200  –  Silver Diamond Deck 2 Car Garage Kit

Item # 80507  – 7.5’ wide Silver Diamond Deck sold by the linear foot

Graphite Diamond Deck:

Item # 81714  –  7.5’x14’ Graphite Diamond Deck

Item # 81717  –  7.5’x17’ Graphite Diamond Deck

Item # 81720  –  7.5’x20’ Graphite Diamond Deck

Item # 81200  – Graphite Diamond Deck 2 Car Garage Kit

Item # 81507  – 7.5’ wide Graphite Diamond Deck sold by the linear foot

We anticipate these items becoming available on June 1, 2013.

Global Garage Flooring & Design Expands Franchise Opportunities

North Bend, WA – May 08, 2013

Global Garage Flooring & Design franchises offer professional grade garage makeovers to residential and commercial markets. Services include resurfacing/coating the garage floor, and installation of custom fabricated cabinets and storage systems. The entire process takes only one day for the floor, and a second day for the cabinets. It transforms a cluttered, dirty garage, into a stunning display of cleanliness and organization.

GG franchisees will have numerous advantages to leverage in their protected territories. The crown jewel of the offering is a proprietary Polyaspartic coating that is far superior to the epoxy systems which is the industry standard. Only available to GG franchisees, the coating is three times harder, and three times more chemically resistant, than epoxy, plus it installs in one day, compared to 3 days for epoxy. It can also be applied in the coldest of temperatures, allowing franchisees to sell year round, whereas epoxy solutions require temperatures above 55° F, therefore limit opportunities in cooler climates.

Jensen assembled the best elements from each of the franchises that he worked with over the past 25 years to create a package that is geared for success. Extensive training, coaching, counseling and communications are the hallmark of the GG franchise system. The equipment, office, marketing and networking are all in place prior to training. Training includes one week working in an existing GG business, and one week in territory with a GG representative. The franchisor has extensive ongoing training including, coaching, meetings, visits, reviews, newsletters, etc.

GG franchises are a proven business model that comes with protected territories. The business is scalable, one trailer, one crew, at a time. Total cash investment is from $100,000, which includes equipment, inventory, a large protected territory, training, franchise fee, and working capital.

Growing awareness of “the great garage” makes 2013 a great year to be getting into this business. Global Garage grew during the down turn in the economy. Now that the real estate market is beginning to come to life, people are looking for ways to add value to their home, either to increase the sale value, or to make it more livable for themselves. The garage is the largest room in the house – the entrance, and contains the stuff people play with. GG simply makes it better.

Lance Jensen, CEO, commented. “I’ve been a franchise owner, broker, developer and master franchisee. I was looking for a company that had all the elements for a successful franchise program, and Global Garage fit the bill perfectly! The products and systems are great, and we own the proprietary rights to a far superior system that improves quality and cuts a three to four-day process down to one or two. Now we have all the franchisee support systems in place, and are ready to roll!”

He went on to explain, “GG is looking for people who want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. The right individual will thrive in a fast paced environment, like people, and have a “finder” mentality. They will be seeking a high profit venture that can support an active lifestyle. The right person will like the sales and marketing side of business. They will also be oriented towards managing, organizing and delegating rather than to doing hands-on work.”

For more information, contact Lance Jensen at 425-888-5565, or visit

Garage Storage Solutions Introduces New Product: Adding Garage Polyurea Flooring

Brick, NJ – May 10, 2013

Garage Storage Solutions, started by veteran garage specialist Chris Hall, has expanded his list of products to include polyurea coating for industrial floors and garage floors in homes.

The new product, 5500, is a pure polyurea reactive two component system highly resistant to staining and hot tire marking. The 5500 product conforms to the requirements of the USDA for incidental food contact and is formulated to be non-color changing, abrasive resistant, non-brittle, flexible, quick set with impact resistance.

Best of all the coating is non-toxic and dries fast. Within 24 hours, the surface is dry enough to walk on and your car can go back in the garage.

The flooring comes with a full satisfaction guarantee and warranty against manufacturer defects. One of the reasons some flooring lifts is because the floor hasn’t been properly cleaned and prepared for application. Before applying the coating the floor has to be clean and free of debris.

Garage Storage Solutions will prep the surface by diamond grinding the floor to make it even and to remove the wear layer from the garage floor along with residue and other contaminants that can cause a garage floor coating to fail. More importantly it opens up the pores of the concrete and allows the base coat to penetrate the surface and bind the garage floor coating to the concrete garage floor.

About Chris Hall
Chris is a registered dealer for Strong Racks and is also the exclusive dealer for Monkey Bars Storage Systems in Central New Jersey. He has been in the construction business since 1979 and takes great pride in his work as a garage specialist.

For more information, visit or call 973-684-2228.