Best Garage Floors

Many times we hear customers ask us what is the best garage floor. Obviously the best garage floor will be based on a variety of questions that need to be answered.  If your question of the best garage floor is regarding durability then possibly a snap together tile floor is the answer that you’re looking for.  But if you’re looking for appearance, cost or ease of installation, then the answers may all be different.  Let’s look at each of these individually.

The most durable floor offered is probably a snap together interlocking tile system.  Store It Well offers multiple styles, colors and brands in the interlocking tile department.  We offer Race Deck and Auto Deck tiles.  All of these brands are available in different patterns, colors and vary in price. The main advantage of a snap together tile system is not only the durability but also the appearance. Many customers appreciate the look of multiple colors in their tile and this is what is their best floor.

Ease of Installation
However when it comes to the best garage floor, some consider ease of installation as their main priority. If that is the case then hands-down the rolled garage flooring, or roll out garage floors, is the best bet.  These floors are simply large rolls of a very strong and durable material that are rolled out over the existing garage floor for a professional look and simple installation.  Roll out  garage flooring is available in various styles, colors, thicknesses and patterns.  The newest roll out garage flooring is from G-Floor and it is simply the beauty of granite with the ease of a roll out garage floor.

If your question of the best garage floor pertains to price then again the roll out floor is definitely the way to go.  With the lowest price per square foot, roll out flooring is not only inexpensive but also durable.  This a good compromise for those who want something on the floor but don’t want to pay the high prices of some of the other alternatives.

So whether you’re looking for a tile floor or roll out floor, the best floor is what’s best for you.