Other Flooring Options from Store It Well

Store It Well offers a variety of products for your garage including flooring and storage cabinets. However we also carry a complete line of other garage accessories including wall and door guards, parking pads, and garage door seals.

At Store It Well, we’ve come out of the garage to offer even more products to our customers.  These products include CarpetDeck and GymDeck protective floor covers and EventDeck temporary flooring.

CarpetDeck flooring is the ideal covering over hard floors with its soft carpet texture which is perfect for events and other functions.  Each of the CarpetDeck tiles are large at approximately 21 sq ft each. These large CarpetDeck tiles protect valuable wooden flooring during special events. The flooring is elegant, affordable and perfect for hosting special events on sensitive floors. With a slip resistant backing,  the floor is easy to install securely in place.

Store It Well  also offers GymDeck protective flooring covering for similar applications. GymDeck is a specifically designed rigid ABS gym floor cover that creates a beautiful protective cover over wooden or polyurethane gym floors.  GymDeck’s 1/4″ ABS construction protects your floor from damage during all types of on-court events.  Once in place, sections will not pull apart.

EventDeck  is a modular temporary flooring and pathway system that provides access, surface protection and decorative enhancement for special events and other functions. EventDeck portable flooring is simple to install and does not require special tools or training.  The portable flooring is a high-impact poly propylene module that measures 4″ x 12″ and snaps together on all sides.  EventDeck is weather resistant and capable of withstanding extraordinary loads and stresses.