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RaceDeck Garage Flooring Featured on Third Season of ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’

Salt Lake City, UT March 31, 2013

RaceDeck Garage Flooring, the industry leader in premier modular garage flooring, is set to be featured on Season 3 of the DIY Network’s hit television series, ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’. The show, now a staple on the network, features a Florida home undergoing a massive renovation, turning an outdated fossil, into a million dollar mansion. The episode, which will feature RaceDeck, making its third straight appearance on the series, airs Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 10PM Eastern Standard Time.

RaceDeck® is widely recognized as the world’s leading garage flooring manufacturer and supplier, for both commercial and residential installations. The simple, do-it-yourself installation and unmatched durability make it the perfect choice for homeowners looking to give their home garages an easy and long lasting makeover. The invention of RaceDeck Garage Flooring pioneered the modular garage flooring industry that you see today. RaceDeck is the ‘original’ modular garage flooring company.

Host of ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’, 90’s pop icon Vanilla Ice (aka Rob Van Winkle), and his crew bring over 15 years of experience in home renovation to the small screen, in the DIY Network Series. Taking this Florida home apart room by room, the team transforms this house into a prime piece of Florida real estate, which includes a complete garage overhaul, where the new and improved garage will feature premium RaceDeck® Flooring.

About RaceDeck® Garage Flooring and SnapLock Industries-
RaceDeck® is the worldwide leader of the modular garage flooring industry. With over 35 years of history manufacturing and supplying premium modular flooring to customers worldwide, RaceDeck guarantees the highest possible quality and value. SnapLock Industries, the makers of RaceDeck Garage Flooring, manufacture their flooring product lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in a 100,000 square foot, state of the art, ISO 9001:2008 Quality certified facility, in Salt Lake City Utah. All SnapLock products are proudly made in the USA.

Granite Spek Roll Out Garage Flooring

Do you want the look of an epoxy floor?

Do you want the ease, durability and feel of rolled garage flooring?

Granite Spek Roll Out Garage Flooring

Granite Spek Roll Out Garage Flooring

Store It Well has the product you’ve been looking for, Granite Spek Roll Out Garage Flooring.  This beautiful floor is available in diamond tread or smooth ceramic texture and comes in 9 awesome colors.  This garage flooring comes in 2 lengths including 24 feet and 48 feet and both are 10 feet wide.

Typical epoxy garage flooring has many problems with durability and difficulty in installation.  Both of these are eliminated with Granite Spek roll out garage flooring.  Simply clean your garage, fill any cracks and roll out the flooring.  For even more protection, the manufacturer recommends coating the flooring with a stain blocker available on our website.

In just a few short hours you can have an amazing granite/epoxy look floor that will last for years.


Parking Mats/Pads for your Garage

Store It Well offers a wide range of garage floor mats and parking pads to add beauty and protection to your garage flooring.  There are many different styles, sizes and patterns available.

Some of the newest mats include GM licensed pads for Camaro and Corvette.

There are also stylish garage floor mats without logos.

We also have a complete line of small parking pads for motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, etc.

Check out even more parking pads and auto mats on your website.

Garage Door Seals

With the weather cooling down and the snow season beginning in parts of the country, now is the time to check out how energy efficient your home is.  That includes your garage.  Heat is lost from bad seals around windows and doors.  Even your garage can use a little maintenance now and then to keep your it as energy efficient as possible.  Store It Well offers various types of seals for your garage door to keep out wind, rain and snow and keep whatever heat you have in the garage in.

The first seal to look at is the lower seal where the bottom of the garage door meets the floor.  The threshold needs to be sealed up tight or money will be slipping right out that area if you don’t have some kind of weatherstripping.  We offer various garage door threshold seals that will surely fit your door and help keep the cold air out.

Next take a look at the top and side of your garage door.  If this isn’t closed up tight you definitely should consider a garage door top and side seal.

Sealing up your garage doors is an inexpensive and easy project that will improve energy efficiency and add comfort to your garage.


Rolled Garage Flooring OPTIONAL Installation Products

Basic installation of Better Life Technology Roll-Out Flooring does NOT require adhesives of any kind. However, for special applications and professional installation, many of our customers and vendors have used various types of adhesives. BLT has tested and is now recommending the following products. Always read and follow label directions for best results.

Garage Flooring Trim - Center

Garage Flooring Trim – Center

This 2 channel trim can be used to join 2 garage floor mats together for a cleaner look.


Garage Flooring Trim - Edge

Garage Flooring Trim – Edge

This 1 channel edging can be used around the perimeter of a rolled garage floor to clean up the edges for a professional look.


Garage Flooring Trim - Threshold

Garage Flooring Trim – Threshold

This threshold trim can be used along door opening thresholds for a finished look.


Garage Floor Adhesives

Garage Floor Adhesives

We offer 2 types of adhesives for installing a garage floor.  The first is a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for installing in garages and the second is a Marine Grade Adhesive for installing rolled garage flooring outside or on wood.

Garage Floor Top Coat Stain Blocker

Garage Floor Top Coat Stain Blocker

This top coat sealer protects your mat garage floors from stains and adds a ultra clear wet look!


We also offer QuickStick Adhesive Tape, Seaming Tape with Acrylic Adhesive and 3M Seam Weld/Gap Filler.

Lowest Prices Ever on Garage Cabinets!

Store It Well is pleased to announce that today through November 30, 2012, our line of Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinets are being offered at the lowest prices ever!   Here are some examples.

Our 12 piece Classic Garage Cabinet System, reg price $3,899.00, sale price $1,999.99!

Our 11 piece Super Garage Cabinet System, reg price $2,995.00, sale price $1,749.99!

Our 10 piece Super Garage Cabinet System, reg price $2,850.00, sale price $1,679.99!

View our complete line here and get them before they are gone!


GymDeck Protective Floor Covering

Need to protect your wood floor from scuffs, scratches or other damage?  Store It Well has an option that can help, GymDeck.  GymDeck is a specially designed rigid ABS gym floor cover that interlocks to create a uniform protective layer over wooden or polyurethane gym floors.



GymDeck™ Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Durable ABS design
  • Textured top surface for added slip resistance

GymDeck’s 1/4″ ABS construction protects your floor from damage during all types of on-court events.

Each section has a smooth underside, which won’t damage gym floors, and a textured top surface, which provides additional slip resistance.

Store It Well offers a convenient transport carts that make moving GymDeck Protective Floor Covering tiles easy.

GymDeck Transport Cart

GymDeck Transport Cart

Garage Storage and Cabinet SALE!

Store It Well has lowered prices on nearly our complete line of garage storage cabinets!  Ulti-MATE Garage PRO offers custom shop cabinet features, contemporary design and industrial strength to meet needs of the most discerning customer. We offer complete garage cabinet setups or individual cabinets.  Mix and match to meet your needs for the perfect cabinet design.

Our line of garage cabinets includes:

  • Full radius cabinet profile for refined styling
  • Oversized Brushed Chrome styled cabinet handles
  • 6″ adjustable feet for uneven surfaces

Other features include:

  •     unique Polyurethane coated cabinet
  •     fronts in a Silver
  •     strong 3/4″ cabinet construction
  •     adjustable 1″ thick shelf with 200 lb industrial load rating
  •     fully adjustable recessed Euro hinges
  •     1″ thick integrated recessed Grey worktop surface
  •     100-year old first class manufacturer and much more.


Full radius cabinet profile for refined styling

Garage Flooring and Storage Products

Store It offers a complete line of products to add beauty and improve functionality of your garage.  Please visit our homepage for all of our garage products.

Garage Flooring
We offer a large variety of flooring options to improve the look and safety of your garage.  The options available are parking mats/pads, rolled garage flooring, peel and stick garage flooring and snap together garage floor tiles.  All of these products are easy to install and come shipping right to your door.  No need to shop anywhere else for garage flooring, we have it all!

Cabinets and Storage
We offer a complete line of garage storage cabinets.  In a variety of sizes and layouts, we can help you design any combination to meet your needs and budget.  For even greater savings, cabinet packages offer a variety of cabinets at steeply discounted prices.  Not only do you save money but headaches.  All the layout is done for you, simply purchase the cabinets and put them together in the arrangement we offer.  Or if you prefer set them up any way you want.  The choice is up to you.

Garage Door Seals
Protect your garage from wind, rain and snow with a garage door seal.  Keep your garage dry and offer better insulation to the outside temperatures.

Wall/Door Guards
Protect your garage walls and car doors with our complete line of wall and door guards.  Save yourself the stress of scratches and dings.  A small investment now can save you and your car.

Special Flooring Options
Whether you are looking for flooring for your home gym, carpeting to cover your floors for an event or temporary flooring for an outside event, we have you covered!  Check out our complete line of special flooring options.

New Parking Mats for your Garage Floor

Store It Well is offering a new line of parking mats for your garage.  Use them for your car, motorcycle, atv, golf cart or more.  Some are officially licensed by General Motors (GM) and include Camaro or Corvette logos and lettering.

parking mats

Parking Mats


We are also offering quartz epoxy garage floor tiles in Buff and Tuxedo.

Parking Mats

Parking Mats

Please visit our website for the complete line of new products.