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Easy, Inexpensive Garage Flooring

We have discussed before the many different types of garage flooring options available. One we have focused too much on is the epoxy flooring that you can apply directly to your garage floor. There’s a very simple reason for this and it is that it fails often.

The failure rate of an epoxy floor is so high that it becomes deterrent for most applications. Failure is usually caused by improper installation which is very difficult even for an experienced professional. Preparation is key and requires acid washing the floor, cleaning, sometimes grinding and other difficult tasks. Even with all of this work, days in fact, the failure rate is still very high. It would be unfortunate to spend hours and hours and hours preparing, painting, sparkling and everything else for your floor and see it fail shortly after.

Our garage floors are quite the opposite. They are all easy to install, look great, can be done quickly by just one person and best of all are guaranteed to last. In fact, the preparation for some of our floors is as simple as sweeping your garage. Then depending on the flooring option chosen, simply roll out and cut around objects or snap together individual tiles to make a perfect, long-lasting, beautiful garage floor. We have many different types of flooring options available in all different price ranges to fit the tightest of budgets. Check out StoreItWell.com for a complete listing of all of our latest products