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Garage Floor Styles

Garage floors come in a variety of styles colors and patterns. The least expensive and easiest to install of these floors is the roll out garage flooring also known as rubber floors.

The leading manufacturer of roll out garage floors is Better Life Technology, LLC. Their floors come in four patterns: diamond tread, levant, coin and ribbed. Each flooring type has its own practical purposes but most people choose based on appearance. This type of flooring is available in various colors including absolute white, slate gray and midnight black. Other bright colors are also available on some floor patterns and models.

Our newest G Floor brand is like roll-out granite flooring for your garage. Experience the beauty of granite, or an epoxy type floor, with the ease of a simple to install roll out garage floor.

If you are interested in a tile floor but would like the same materials used as in our roll out floors, you may want you consider our peel and stick tile floors. These are made from a thicker version of the roll-out floor material with an adhesive backing that allows for easy installation. Now you can enjoy the look of tile with the ease of simple to install roll out floor material.

Garage floors to improve your home

There are many types of garage flooring options available for every different type of application. There are rubber garage floors, tile garage floors, which are available in both peel and stick or rigid applications.

The first category to discuss is the rubber garage flooring, also known as rolled garage flooring. This type of garage flooring is very easy to install and one of the most affordable options available to the homeowner. Installation is a snap and is as simple as rolling out the floor over your current garage floor and trimming to fit. Gluing or adhesives or any kind are not even necessary.

StoreItWell.com offers varieties of garage flooring such as ribbed, diamond tread, coin, levant, granite spek rollout flooring, and diamond deck rolled flooring. These floors are available in a variety of colors to please even the harshest critics.

The other type of popular tile is of the peel and stick variety. The tiles are basically made of the same material as the rubber roll out flooring with a peel off adhesive attached to the back. Installation of peel and stick garage floor tiles is a snap as well. Easy to cut and install, this is a great flooring option for even the most novice DIYer.

The last common flooring option is a rigid, snap together floor tile. Although these tiles are a little more costly they are extremely durable. Installation is also fairly simple as that each tile simply snaps together to make a nice solid garage flooring surface. Generally more expensive than the other options these tiles certainly make for a beautiful garage floor.

All of the flooring options discussed in this article are available online at StoreItWell.com.

Diamond Deck Garage Flooring Products

Please be advised, the following Diamond Deck rolled garage flooring products are back in stock in all sizes and colors:

Silver Diamond Deck Garage Floors:

Item # 80714 – 7.5’x14’ Silver Diamond Deck

Item # 80717 – 7.5’x17’ Silver Diamond Deck

Item # 80720 – 7.5’x20’ Silver Diamond Deck

Item # 80200 – Silver Diamond Deck 2 Car Garage Kit

Item # 80507 – 7.5’ wide Silver Diamond Deck sold by the linear foot

Graphite Diamond Deck Garage Floors:

Item # 81714 – 7.5’x14’ Graphite Diamond Deck

Item # 81717 – 7.5’x17’ Graphite Diamond Deck

Item # 81720 – 7.5’x20’ Graphite Diamond Deck

Item # 81200 – Graphite Diamond Deck 2 Car Garage Kit

Item # 81507 – 7.5’ wide Graphite Diamond Deck sold by the linear foot

Do rolled garage floors need to be secured or glued?

One question that is asked quite often is whether or not rolled garage flooring needs to be glued down or whether the seems need to be taped together.  The simple answer is, no.  Rolled garage flooring is designed to simply lay flat on your garage floors with the seems butted together or overlapped, depending on the type of flooring.

There are some instance where installers may want to secure the floor.  According to the manufacturer, basic installation of roll-out flooring does not require adhesives of any kind. However, for special applications and professional installation, many of our customers and vendors have used various types of adhesives. Better Life Technology (BLT) has tested and is now recommending some products for those that would like to take these additional steps.  These products include:

Garage Flooring Seaming Tape

Garage Flooring Seaming Tape

Garage Flooring Oatey® X-15® Bonding Adhesive

Garage Flooring Oatey® X-15® Bonding Adhesive

For more information on rolled garage flooring and garage floor seeming products, please visit StoreItWell.com.

RaceDeck is one of the “Greenest” manufacturing facilities in the industry.

  • RaceDeck uses only the highest-grade virgin polypropylene in their manufacturing processes, which is all 100% recyclable.
  • Polypropylene is manufactured from propylene monomer, a relatively safe gas, which is a waste byproduct of the petroleum industry that used to be burned off into the atmosphere contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. As a consequence, the more polypropylene used in products helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable
  • Any waste material RaceDeck may produce in their manufacturing is reground and used to make other parts, ensuring 0% waste.
  • RaceDeck’s manufacturing process is low in emissions and meets all California Standards, including the standard for residential community placement.
  • The cooling system RaceDeck uses to control temperatures for all of their manufacturing machines runs on a closed loop, so it’s 100% recycled.
  • All of the steel used in their molds and sports components is 100% recyclable.
  • The warehouse structure within RaceDeck’s 100,000 square foot facility was engineered to use natural sunlight rather than energy-wasting lights.
  • RaceDeck has pioneered numerous manufacturing processes and technologies to allow them to use less energy to produce their products.
  • RaceDeck actively recycles all cardboard packaging, office papers and all petroleum products.

RaceDeck Introduces The REVolution To The Garage Flooring Industry

RaceDeck® Garage Floors launches a new high-tech garage flooring system named REVolution™

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) October 19, 2008 — Snap Lock Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of the garage flooring brand RaceDeck®, announced today the launch of their newest addition to their extensive product line, appropriately called the REVolution™.

SnapLock Industries pioneered the modular garage flooring industry in the mid 90’s with the product line RaceDeck® . Since that time, the industry has boomed and has become the top choice of most garage flooring options today. Over the years, RaceDeck has introduced dozens of styles and currently offers more choices than all of their competitors combined.

The new REVolution garage flooring was developed for the extreme needs of the commercial garage. “We have been working on the REVolution for sometime. We took everything we learned over the years from our customers & dealers and put it all into this new floor. The REVolution is without a doubt the toughest full-suspension modular flooring system in the industry,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapLock Industries.

The REVolution flooring systems has multiple worldwide patents and patent pending features, from the innovative PowerLock® interlocking system to the unmatched SuperStructure that supports massive rolling loads. Together, they make the strongest and easiest to install modular flooring system. All of SnapLock Industries flooring products are proudly made in the USA.

About SnapLock Industries, Inc. – SnapLock Industries is recognized as the world’s leading US manufacturer and supplier of premium modular flooring brands. Leading brands include: RaceDeck Garage Floors, SnapSports Athletic Surfacing & Courts, DuraGrid Matting & Decking, and SnapLock Portable Dance & Event Floors.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Snap Lock operates out of a 100,000+ square foot facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With over 100 team members and 400 dealers, resellers, and distributors throughout the world, SnapLock is able to provide their customers with superior products and an astounding level of service and expertise.

For more information about SnapLock Industries and the RaceDeck® product line, please call 800-457-0174 or visit their website at www.racedeck.com


RaceDeck Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck Garage Floor Tile Colors

RaceDeck Garage Floor Tile Colors

RaceDeck garage floor tile patterns include CircleTrac, Diamond, and FreeFlow.  Diamond and CircleTrac garage floor tiles are also available in TuffShield, which is a gloss version of the tile that looks amazing.

RaceDeck flooring is easy to install and creates a clean, durable floor covering hiding unsightly concrete.  RaceDeck modular floors are cost-effective alternatives to epoxy floors.  The flooring can be installed in just hours, not days like epoxy coatings.  There is no floor preparation required other than sweeping and vacuuming a level concrete floor, then just “snap” the patent interlocking modules together.

RaceDeck Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck is a patented multi-use interlocking floor system that is engineered to withstand the toughest mechanical environments and is not affected by petroleum products and most automotive chemicals.  Best of all is comes with an AMAZING 15 year warranty.

Race Day Parking Mats

Just about anyone with a garage floor would love to add a rolled garage floor product or garage floor tiles.  Unfortunately for many, these floors may be out of their current price range.  Those who are interested in the protection that a garage floor can provide but just can’t cover the entire garage floor should look into Race Day Parking Mats.

Race Day Parking Mats

Race Day Parking Mats

Race Day Parking Mats are a large 8′ x 20′ section of 55 mil garage flooring with a checked flag edge on each side.  They are made from the same quality high quality polyvinyl and are ribbed to control debris and keep liquids contained within the channels.

Some other benefits of the Race Day Parking Mats include:

  • Hides crack, stains and other blemishes in the garage floor
  • Multiple Race Day Parking Mats can be butted together for a seamless look
  • Reduces dirt and grease on shoes that can be tracked into your house or garage
Race Day Parking Mats
Day Parking Mats

What is the best garage floor?

What is the best garage floor is a difficult question to answer.  There generally is no doubt that adding garage flooring is a wise decision.  The added benefits outweigh the cost in most cases.  Inexpensive garage floor protection benefits include:

  • Added warmth to cold floors
  • Anti-fatigue properties
  • Easy clean-up
  • Improved appearance
  • Sound deadening
  • Less dirt tracked into your home
  • And many more…

Opinions will differ among those who have garage flooring as to which is the best garage floor.  The reason for that is quite simple, everyone has different needs.  Cost, style, comfort, safety, and cleanup are some of the aspects of the decision making process.  What is the best garage floor for one may not be the best garage floor for another.

If your looking at the purchase of a garage floor from a strictly cost related basis, then the best garage floor is the rolled garage flooring.  Dollar for dollar, rolled garage flooring is the least expensive per square foot and with different thicknesses and qualities available, you are sure to find a floor to meet your budget needs.

If appearance is the main quality you are looking for then the best garage floor is a tough one to answer.  As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  That being said, the general consensus as to which is the best looking garage floor is usually tile garage floors.  Because most garages are fairly large a single color rolled floor may be too much of one color for some people’s individual taste.  The multicolored tile garage floors help breakup that look with contrasting colors.  In addition, garage floor tiles allow you to design your floor any way you please and many people take advantage of that ability.  Popular patterns include boarders around the perimeter or a check board layout.

When it comes to comfort, generally rolled garage flooring or soft garage floor tiles make the best garage floor.  Many of the other flooring options are made from a hard plastic type material that is more comfortable than plain concrete, but not nearly as comfortable as the rolled garage floor.

If safety and cleanup are your primary reasons for looking into garage flooring, the best garage floor for you is most likely rolled garage flooring.  One of the biggest benefits of rolled garage flooring is that it is easy to clean.  Aside of the seems, rolled garage flooring does not allow spills or leaks to penetrate to the floor below.  That means spills are contained to the rolled garage flooring where they can be easily taken care of.  In addition because rolled garage flooring is not secured to the floor it can be dragged out of the garage and sprayed down occasionally with a garden hose.  Rigid garage floor tiles are usually solid or perforated.  The perforated types allows spills to drain below the tile to the floor below.  This can be beneficial in some applications but ultimately the difficulty becomes cleaning up spills below the tile.  Unless you pull up part of the floor, the spills will remain under the floor forever.  Even solid tiles are not installed tight enough where spills don’t leak down between the seems.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to install garage flooring, but deciding which is the best garage floor is strictly up to the individual making the purchase.