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Store It Well has Everything You Need to Improve Your Garage

With just one website, you can change the whole look, appearance, comfort and style of your garage.   Store It Well offers everything from the ground up, or should we say floor up.   Beginning at the floor, we offer various options including rolled, tile, peel and stick garage floors.  Each garage floor option offers different  appearances and styles for every customer and budget.  Our complete line is from the top manufacturers including Better Life Technology, RaceDeck, Style Tile and AutoDeck.

Now that we have your flooring in place we can look for storage options.  Store It Well offers a complete line of cabinets that not only beautify for your garage but also allow you to put everything away nicely and neatly.  Our complete Ulti-MATE garage cabinet line is available in complete cabinet kits or individual cabinets.  The garage cabinet line offers floor cabinets, tall cabinets and hanging wall cabinets.

So now that we covered flooring and cabinets, we can look to other items that will improve the function of your garage. These items include door guards to protect your car doors and garage walls, and other products such as garage door seals which will hold in the heat or cool air depending on the type of weather. With a complete line of garage flooring storage improvements and safety options, Store It Well is the one website you need to transform your garage into everything you ever dreamed it could be.

Garage Floor Styles

Garage floors come in a variety of styles colors and patterns. The least expensive and easiest to install of these floors is the roll out garage flooring also known as rubber floors.

The leading manufacturer of roll out garage floors is Better Life Technology, LLC. Their floors come in four patterns: diamond tread, levant, coin and ribbed. Each flooring type has its own practical purposes but most people choose based on appearance. This type of flooring is available in various colors including absolute white, slate gray and midnight black. Other bright colors are also available on some floor patterns and models.

Our newest G Floor brand is like roll-out granite flooring for your garage. Experience the beauty of granite, or an epoxy type floor, with the ease of a simple to install roll out garage floor.

If you are interested in a tile floor but would like the same materials used as in our roll out floors, you may want you consider our peel and stick tile floors. These are made from a thicker version of the roll-out floor material with an adhesive backing that allows for easy installation. Now you can enjoy the look of tile with the ease of simple to install roll out floor material.

Garage floors to improve your home

There are many types of garage flooring options available for every different type of application. There are rubber garage floors, tile garage floors, which are available in both peel and stick or rigid applications.

The first category to discuss is the rubber garage flooring, also known as rolled garage flooring. This type of garage flooring is very easy to install and one of the most affordable options available to the homeowner. Installation is a snap and is as simple as rolling out the floor over your current garage floor and trimming to fit. Gluing or adhesives or any kind are not even necessary.

StoreItWell.com offers varieties of garage flooring such as ribbed, diamond tread, coin, levant, granite spek rollout flooring, and diamond deck rolled flooring. These floors are available in a variety of colors to please even the harshest critics.

The other type of popular tile is of the peel and stick variety. The tiles are basically made of the same material as the rubber roll out flooring with a peel off adhesive attached to the back. Installation of peel and stick garage floor tiles is a snap as well. Easy to cut and install, this is a great flooring option for even the most novice DIYer.

The last common flooring option is a rigid, snap together floor tile. Although these tiles are a little more costly they are extremely durable. Installation is also fairly simple as that each tile simply snaps together to make a nice solid garage flooring surface. Generally more expensive than the other options these tiles certainly make for a beautiful garage floor.

All of the flooring options discussed in this article are available online at StoreItWell.com.

Diamond Deck Garage Flooring Products

Please be advised, the following Diamond Deck rolled garage flooring products are back in stock in all sizes and colors:

Silver Diamond Deck Garage Floors:

Item # 80714 – 7.5’x14’ Silver Diamond Deck

Item # 80717 – 7.5’x17’ Silver Diamond Deck

Item # 80720 – 7.5’x20’ Silver Diamond Deck

Item # 80200 – Silver Diamond Deck 2 Car Garage Kit

Item # 80507 – 7.5’ wide Silver Diamond Deck sold by the linear foot

Graphite Diamond Deck Garage Floors:

Item # 81714 – 7.5’x14’ Graphite Diamond Deck

Item # 81717 – 7.5’x17’ Graphite Diamond Deck

Item # 81720 – 7.5’x20’ Graphite Diamond Deck

Item # 81200 – Graphite Diamond Deck 2 Car Garage Kit

Item # 81507 – 7.5’ wide Graphite Diamond Deck sold by the linear foot

Garage Storage Solutions Introduces New Product: Adding Garage Polyurea Flooring

Brick, NJ – May 10, 2013

Garage Storage Solutions, started by veteran garage specialist Chris Hall, has expanded his list of products to include polyurea coating for industrial floors and garage floors in homes.

The new product, 5500, is a pure polyurea reactive two component system highly resistant to staining and hot tire marking. The 5500 product conforms to the requirements of the USDA for incidental food contact and is formulated to be non-color changing, abrasive resistant, non-brittle, flexible, quick set with impact resistance.

Best of all the coating is non-toxic and dries fast. Within 24 hours, the surface is dry enough to walk on and your car can go back in the garage.

The flooring comes with a full satisfaction guarantee and warranty against manufacturer defects. One of the reasons some flooring lifts is because the floor hasn’t been properly cleaned and prepared for application. Before applying the coating the floor has to be clean and free of debris.

Garage Storage Solutions will prep the surface by diamond grinding the floor to make it even and to remove the wear layer from the garage floor along with residue and other contaminants that can cause a garage floor coating to fail. More importantly it opens up the pores of the concrete and allows the base coat to penetrate the surface and bind the garage floor coating to the concrete garage floor.

About Chris Hall
Chris is a registered dealer for Strong Racks and is also the exclusive dealer for Monkey Bars Storage Systems in Central New Jersey. He has been in the construction business since 1979 and takes great pride in his work as a garage specialist.

For more information, visit http://www.garagefloorpros.com or call 973-684-2228.

Race Deck Garage Floors

RaceDeck® is the undisputed leader of the garage flooring industry, with more modular garage floors manufactured, sold, and installed than all of our competitors combined. We offer flooring in seven garage floor tile styles, fourteen standard colors, and literally millions of custom color garage flooring tile options.

RaceDeck garage floors are great for garages, basements, aircraft hangars, commercial garages, trade show exhibit floors, and more. Installing RaceDeck requires no glues or chemicals, so there’s no mess or toxic fumes – each module simply ‘Snaps’ into place!. Our products are proudly made in the USA.


Do rolled garage floors need to be secured or glued?

One question that is asked quite often is whether or not rolled garage flooring needs to be glued down or whether the seems need to be taped together.  The simple answer is, no.  Rolled garage flooring is designed to simply lay flat on your garage floors with the seems butted together or overlapped, depending on the type of flooring.

There are some instance where installers may want to secure the floor.  According to the manufacturer, basic installation of roll-out flooring does not require adhesives of any kind. However, for special applications and professional installation, many of our customers and vendors have used various types of adhesives. Better Life Technology (BLT) has tested and is now recommending some products for those that would like to take these additional steps.  These products include:

Garage Flooring Seaming Tape

Garage Flooring Seaming Tape

Garage Flooring Oatey® X-15® Bonding Adhesive

Garage Flooring Oatey® X-15® Bonding Adhesive

For more information on rolled garage flooring and garage floor seeming products, please visit StoreItWell.com.

Cheap Garage Flooring

Times are tough, the economy is on the down slide and money is tight.  We are all feeling it one way or the other.  People are losing their jobs and income is down.   For those that haven’t lost their job, there is the fear they may,  People are more cautious about spending money.  Now is the time to look for bargains because everyone in retail is looking to sell.

The same is true in the garage flooring industry.  Pricing are as good as they can be and now is the time to pull the trigger and buy that garage floor you’ve been wanting to get.  Low prices and free shipping are available online at StoreItWell.com making now the time to make that purchase.  Here are just some of the current deals available.

For only $586 you can get a 9′ x 44′ roll of Levant garage flooring, enough to do many average size garages.  Even better, that comes with FREE SHIPPING!

Levant Garage Rolled Floor

Levant Garage Rolled Floor

Don’t want to do the whole garage?  How about a RaceDay Parking Pad Floor Mat for only $259.99!

RaceDay Parking Pad Mat

RaceDay Parking Pad Mat

Do you perfer the look of a tile floor?  We’ve got you covered there too.  Our RaceDeck garage floor tiles start as low as $3.39 per square foot.

Tile Garage Floor

Tile Garage Floor

What can you do with Race Deck Garage Flooring?

Just about anything you want.  How about using it at an airplane hanger, patio, lounge, warehouse, product display, shop and yes, even a garage.  Your options are limitless.  Have an image of your finished project?  Email it to us and we’ll post it on our site!

Back to Race Deck Garage Flooring?

Rigid Garage Floor Tiles

When it comes to garage flooring tiles, there are generally two types available.  The first is the soft variety which is usually peel and stick tiles.  The second variety is the rigid type and these tiles use a locking mechanism to join them together.  In this article we are going to focus on the latter type.

Most garage floors are made of concrete which is obviously cold and hard.  Garage floor coverings, including tiles, have made those cold hard places a little more enjoyable.  Rigid garage floor tiles offer many benefits including:

  • Engineered to withstand the toughest mechanical environments and is not affected by petroleum products and most automotive chemicals.
  • Installs in hours, not days – you simply snap your floor together over any solid swept surface. No glues, no paints, NO VAPOROUS TOXIC FUMES.
  • Numerous styles and colors to chose from. Create your own custom design.
  • Full-Suspension Flooring provides great anti-fatigue and insulation barrier between you and the cold, hard floor.
  • Built to handle extreme roll capacities. Will support floor jacks, tool boxes and jack stands.
  • Edging easily snaps into the garage floor to create a smooth transition.
  • Made in the USA with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Let’s look at some of those benefits in more detail.  First, they are engineered to withstand chemicals that could destroy the tile.  This is not true of all garage floor tiles on the market today.  RaceDeck is the leading garage tile manufacturer and they are the only product we trust to provide years of use and enjoyment.  They also back up their claims with an amazing 15 year warranty.

The true beauty of a rigid garage tile is that they are so simple to install that just about anyone can do it.  The best part is when your done you don’t have to worry about your floor failing like an epoxy garage floor could.  Quick installation that is much safer than epoxy is a huge benefit to most homeowners.

RaceDeck garage floor tiles come in 8 colors, 2 sizes, various patterns and finishes.  With so many options available you can make an amazing garage floor in no time.  Check out these images, you won’t get this look with any other products.

Rigid Garage Floor Tiles

Rigid Garage Floor Tiles

Rigid Garage Floor Tiles

Rigid Garage Floor Tiles

Unlike other garage floor products, rigid garage floor tiles are free-floating.  This provides an impressive anti-fatigue benefit which will make spending time in your garage more enjoyable.  In addition, because this floor is not glued to the concrete, it can be removed or changed when needed.

Finally rigid garage floor tiles from RaceDeck are designed to withstand the tough environment of a garage.  Whether it is a car, jack, toolbox or whatever else you through at it, these floors are designed to last and backed with a 15 year warranty.