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Garage Floors – Which one is right for me?

Garage floors have been a growing home improvement project in many houses today.  They add comfort, warmth, safety and beauty to a normally cold, hard place.  The most popular types of floors are rolled garage floors (sometimes call rubber garage floors) and garage floor tile.  When it comes to garage floor tiles there are many types to chose from including hard and soft.

The hard garage floor tiles are floating tiles and they are either perforated to allow water and spills to drain below them or solid to somewhat keep spills above the tile.  They usually have some kind of an attaching system that allows them to snap together and stay in place.   There are various types of plastic garage floor tiles and the quality of these tiles will vary greatly.  Always be sure to know the type of flooring you are buying because when it comes to plastic garage tiles, price is not nearly as important as quality.  Cheap garage floor tiles can warp and break under heavy loads.

Soft garage floor tiles are a rubber like material.  Actually made from PVC, soft tiles usually come in a peel and stick variety.  The popular rubber garage floor tiles manufactured by Better Life Technology are manufactured at an impressive 95 mil base thickness and include a peel and stick backing that makes installation a breeze.  BLT garage floor tiles are available in 3 colors including Midnight Black, Absolute White and Slate Grey.  They are available in levant and diamond tread patterns in both a 12″ and 24″ tile.

Rolled garage floors are the lowest cost and easiest type of garage floor to install.  These floors are simply rolled out and the seems are either overlapped or butted together.  They do not need to be glued down and the seems do not need to be taped.  If you are interested in securing a rolled rubber garage floor, there are seeming tapes and floor adhesives available but they are certainly not required.  Rolled garage floors are available in widths from 7.5 to 10 feet wide and various lengths.  Custom lengths are also available if you are unable to locate the right size roll for your garage.  Rolled garage floors are available in 4 patterns including diamond tread, levant, coin and ribbed.  Various thicknesses are also available ranging from 55 mil to 85 mil and in 6 different colors.

Ultimately there are many reasons to choose one type of floor over another.  Cost, appearance, durability and ease of installation are the most common.  The look of a garage tile floor will be much different than that of a rolled garage floor.  Most garage floors are easy enough for the average homeowner to install themselves so if you are up to the challenge, you should be able to install any of these floors.  As for durability it is best to purchase the highest quality floor you can afford.  The cost of a heavy grade rolled floor may be about the same as a cheap tile floor.  But for the same amount of money, the rolled floor will last much longer and look much better.

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Simple Garage Floors, Protection and Beauty

There are many types of garage floors available today.  The most popular types are rolled garage floors, tile garage floors and epoxy paint garage floors.  All of them have their advantages and disadvantages but for the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on the simplest types of garage floors, rolled and tile.  Epoxy garage floors are quite impressive in appearance but the time and effort involved in installing one is best left to the experts.

The most cost effective and easiest garage floors to install are the rolled variety.  They are inexpensive and look great.  However, many people are drawn to rolled garage floors because of their easy installation.  The average homeowner can install their own garage floor in just a couple hours with basic tools.  Rolled garage floors come in a variety of colors and textures that will suit anyone’s tastes.  The most common textures are ribbed, diamond plate, coin and levant.

Garage floor textures play an important part in the garage floor decision process.  Besides the great appearance a new garage floor can add to your home, they also provide anti-fatigue benefits, sound deadening qualities, and improved safety.  Ribbed style garage floors allow liquids to be channeled away which helps keep your floor safe from spills.  All textures, including ribbed garage floors, offer some anti-slip properties.  However, it is important to keep in mind that manufacturers do not consider their garage floors to be slip resistant with one stating, “There is no substitute for keeping a clean, well-maintained floor.”

Tiles are also becoming quite popular with regard to garage floors.  They offer many of the same qualities of rolled garage flooring but with a entirely different look.  Tile garage floors are usually mixed and matched to give a checker board pattern.  Some homeowners even create boarders and other designs in their garage floors.
tile garage floors
The Race Day Peel & Stick Tiles are one of the easiest garage floor tiles to install.  You simply peel the backing and apply the tile to the prepared garage floor.

peel and stick garage floors tile

The peel and stick type of garage floor tiles are better than the rigid types of garage floor tiles simply because they prevent dead spot under the floor.

garage floor tiles

Whether installing a rolled garage floor or tile garage floor, the low cost and impressive benefits make it a quality home improvement project that will add beauty, safety and value to your home.

Garage Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance

Product Cleaning and Care of BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring

garage floor cleaninggarage floor cleaning

• The garage rolled flooring surface is easily washed with soap and water. Product can be easily washed off inside or outside of garage. Brush or sweep with cool water using a broom or sponge squeegee. Mild soaps and normal household detergents may be used. Do not leave harsh detergents or chemicals on product or wash into sewer system. Some people prefer moving the product outside and hosing it off.

• Normal household vinyl cleaners may be used to increase longevity and to remove stubborn debris. Certain automotive vinyl products may cause surface to become slippery. Use a non-slip vinyl protector such as a clean-and-shine floor cleaner.

• This is not a stain-proof product—certain dyes, inks, rubber tires, and chemicals may cause permanent staining. Some of our customers have reported that spray-on Brake and Tool Cleaner, found in many auto parts stores, will remove some stubborn stains without damaging the product. However, use of brake and tool cleaner may cause product discoloration. Never use harsh chemicals such as tar remover or kerosene on rubber garage floors.

• After cleaning, apply a coat of floor polish for vinyl floors to add a long-lasting, high-luster finish, even to older garage floor protectors.

NOTE: Leaving chemicals on the product for a long period of time may cause damage. If concrete floor has been treated with certain sealers prior to mat installation, sealer may break down over time and adhere to back of mat without causing damage to mat. Some motorcycle kickstands may cut or damage this product.

Any floor surface can become slippery in the presence of moisture and debris. Proper care and cleaning of vinyl flooring will reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. Wipe up any oil, chemicals, or other fluids that may drip or leak from vehicle to prevent hazardous, slippery conditions. Always dispose of hazardous materials properly.