Gas Grill Mat - Diamond Tread 47"x32"

G-Floor® Universal Grill Mats by Better Life Technology go anywhere and are a best-in-class grill mat designed to withstand grill heat and messes while protecting wood decking and concrete patios. Not for use on composite decks.  As with all other G-Floor® Universal Flooring products, our resilient Grill Mats are made in the USA and engineered to provide years of performance under heavy use. While many grill mats buckle under the pressure of heavy grills and melt under intense heat, our top quality 100% polyvinyl mat is strong enough to park a car on and tough enough to brave harsh outdoor conditions and the most zealous grill master.

G-Floor® Universal Grill Mats are ideal for a multitude of spaces – patio, balcony, dock and deck – and with a high heat tolerance work great with: gas grills, large electrical grills, steamers, barbecues, outdoor fryers and more. Grill Mats guard against damage from hot grease, oils and common BBQ drippings. Spend more time enjoying cooking and less time cleaning up because our Grill Mats require just a light scrub for tough stains and in most other cases, a simple spray down with a hose. Just roll-out for a year-round accent to your grilling spot or roll-up for easy storage. Because G-Floor® Universal Grill Mats are water-, mold- and mildew-proof, you’re sure to find additional outdoor uses for this highly versatile mat.

Slip-resistant G-Floor® Universal Grill Mats are available in Midnight Black or Slate Grey Diamond Tread non-porous texture for added traction. Diamond Tread’s standardized diamonds are 1.125in in length and 0.625in apart with a 0.030in relief, aligned diagonally in a 180˚ alternating pattern. Grill Mats protect your deck and patio look great doing it.

      • • Easy to install
      • • No Adhesive Necessary
      • • Quick and Easy Clean up
      • • Waterproof
      • • Made from high quality polyvinyl
      • • Extremely durable
      • • Slip Resistant and Flame Retardant
      • • Resistant to heat, oil, grease and other common grilling stains
      • • Prevents concrete deterioration & contamination
      • • Great for use with many types of outdoor cooking units on patios, decks or anywhere
      • • Better Life Technology provides limited lifetime warranty
      • • Manufactured in the USA

Gas Grill Mat - Diamond Tread 47"x32"

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