Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Store It Well respects your privacy. We never sell, rent, or give away your name, email, or address to anyone. All information provided is used exclusively by Store It Well and our Suppliers.

When an individual creates an account with Store It Well or one of our stores, information about that person is collected including Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address. To fulfill an order placed by one of our customers, some personal information is sent to our suppliers. This information is necessary to complete the order delivery process. Personal information collected by Store It Well stores is accessible by simply logging into your account.

Passwords created during the account creation process are encrypted and stored in a database. Employees of Store It Well do not have access to these passwords. If you forget your password, you must use the "Password forgotten?" link on the login page.

When a customer uses one of our sites to checkout, they should be aware that no employee of the Store It Well ever receives your credit card number or CVV code. All credit card transactions are performed using the services of Square, (see below).

Store It Well collects email addresses of customers in order to provide important information regarding their order. From time to time, Store It Well MAY send an email regarding a new product, service, general announcement, sale or other information. Your email address is not sold, rented or given to any third parties.

Some Store It Well pages use cookies. These cookies are necessary to use some services on our sites including our shopping cart system and Google Analytics. 

Store It Well stores allow the use Square as a credit card payment processor. When using Square services, you should be aware of Square's privacy policy. See Square's privacy policy at the following link:

For Google's Privacy policy, see this link: