Golf Cart Mat Floor Protector – Ceramic 5’x10’

This 5’ x 10’ mat is sized just right for most golf carts. The G-Floor® protector mat is designed to protect your floor from golf cart tire marks, dirt and grime from the golf course, pathways and street. Golf carts are also notorious for leaking oil, gas and corrosives like battery acid. These golf cart floor covers protect your floor from these fluids and protect against damage, discoloration and deterioration while still showing the beauty of your floor underneath.

Constructed of high quality polyvinyl G-Floor® Ceramic. This mat provides durable, waterproof floor protection from vehicle liquids and contaminants of all kinds. It withstands years of harsh weather and heavy wear and tear. The golf cart parking mat resists staining and is super easy to clean with simple soap and water or a spray hose. Lightweight, easy to install and repositionable, this multi-purpose vinyl mat has unlimited uses inside and outside the garage! Perfect for an office space, craft area, kitchen floor or anywhere you want to protect your flooring.

The 50 Mil G-Floor® Ceramic flooring offers enough texture to help with traction and is available in Clear and Slate Grey. The clear mat adds interest to your flooring underneath while the Slate Grey mat provides a clean, solid, neutral appearance. 

  • >Unroll to Install; No Adhesive Necessary
  • >Quick and Easy to Clean
  • >Waterproof
  • >100% Premium Polyvinyl 
  • >Extremely Durable
  • >Protects your Subfloor from Deterioration
  • >Resists Staining from Oil, Grease, Gas, Corrosives, Chemicals, Contaminants, Grass, etc.
  • >Slip-Resistant
  • >Versatile Floor Mat for Use in Garage, Storage Area, Home and Office
  • >Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • >Manufactured in the USA

Golf Cart Mat Floor Protector – Ceramic 5’x10’

  • $159.99
  • $129.00

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