Ribbed Rolled Garage Floors
The product we'd like to discuss today is our ribbed rolled garage floors.   Rolled garage floors are extremely popular because of their ease of installation and impressive good looks.  Let's dig in a little deeper, shall we? 

When it comes to installing a new floor in your garage, nothing is easier than this type, it really is a breeze.  Basically, all you need to do is roll out the floor. Trim the edges. And if you are installing more than one roll, simply overlap the seems. (IMPORTANT: These instructions are provided for general information of garage floor installation only.  Please refer to the instructions included with any products you purchase.)  Most homeowners have their floor completed in just a couple hours with basic tools you probably have around the house such as a razor blade, scissors, and maybe a straight edge.  Even the time required to prepare your floor is minimal.  You'll want to clean up any liquids that may be on the floor and sweep the whole thing clean.  With minimal effort, you'll transform the look in just a few short hours one afternoon.  Now that's a rewarding install!

Unroll Floor Trim Rubber Garage Floor Edges Overlap Roll Edges

So it's easy to install, but how does it look?  Hmmm, how does amazing sound to you?!  The ribbed pattern really looks fantastic and compliments any garage.  Available in midnight black, slate grey, and sandstone we surely have a color that fits with your style. Below are some images to give you an idea of what this flooring might look like in your space.  Be sure to check out our product pages for even more information and images. 

Black Floor with toolboxBlack Garage Floor with PlantsBlack Rolled Garage FloorBlue Car on Ribbed FloorGarage Floor in Black with Watering CanGrey Floor with HandtruckGrey Ribbed Floor with LadderMotorcycle on Garage Floor

The biggest benefit of the ribbed garage floors compared to the other textures available is that these types are designed to channel spills and leaks which prevents them from spreading. In the image below, we show what happens with small debris and liquids end up on your floor.  These little messes don't become a headache as the pattern keeps them neatly in the grooves which keeps them from spreading out from side to side.  Keeping messes under control can help keep your garage safer too!

Ribbed Pattern Benefits

Our ribbed rolled garage floors are made from 100% high quality polyvinyl throughout the entire product and are often called rubber garage flooring.

Let's recap some of the benefits of these floors along with many others:
  • Keeps your garage looking better than new!
  • Channels liquids and debris out of garage
  • Helps prevent concrete deterioration
  • Hides cracks and stains in older floors
  • Reduces amount of dirt tracked into home
  • Easy installation with no adhesives required
  • Easy to move when cleaning is needed
  • Acts as a vapor barrier and moisture will not penetrate it
  • Prevents concrete, soil and water contamination
  • Overlap or butt edges together for seamless look
  • Provides anti-fatigue benefit
  • Easy to cut for custom fit
  • Cushioned comfort for walking and working
  • Thermal insulation and noise reduction
  • Ultra-durable and formulated to last for years
With all the benefits of these floors, we think you'll love them.  We also think you'll love our prices!  This type of flooring is not just the easiest, but one of the cheapest garage floor coverings on the market today. 
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